OneSync+ and future work on OneSync

Hello, what that loop means and where do I need to change it?


I’m getting a bug where some players become invisible for anothers when they enter a vehicle, any ideas?


Did u ever find the answer? We are looking to do our server but i dont want to go ahead with it till im happy i can change and understand the scripts.

I just find that every script have loops but i dont understand where can I change it or how to find it…

This is not a support topic guys, use the search function on the forums or make a post in the appropriate areas.

I have the same issue!.

Got any fixes?
I’m getting random crashes too.

no, I just turned it off. reportedly the main cause is high vps latency

Turned onesync off?

@Luis_Andrade1 & @Yaukz_Zkuay

This is not a support topic, please do not muck up this thread with support issues. If you need support please utilize the proper sections.

How can I turn onesync on

See The OneSync EAP and you

Any new news?



Hey, Must change here too?



Is there a button to disable the RAM leakage?

LOVE IT:sparkling_heart::kuwait:

Can you use the onesync if you have a 32-slot sv? free ? to discard and see possible errors that can cause or appear.

Launch the server with the added argument +set onesync_enabled 1

Onesync 32 slots is free.