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Welcome to OneShot Roleplay

Hey, my name is Jake and I would like to introduce to you OneShot Roleplay. OneShot is all about bringing full realism to the game but of course still managing to have fun. Our goal is to have a balanced community and have a variety of people who can do a variety of different things. We have daily patrols so there is plenty of chances to prove yourself and work your way up the ranks.


There are many opportunities for you to fit into our community. A list of things you can are listed below:

  • Sheriff Office
  • Highway Patrol NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
  • Communications
  • Civilian

Along with many other opportunities here at OneShot I am sure that everyone will feel at home and enjoy it. We treat everyone with the highest level of respect because we believe that you are apart of the best community out there.

Staff Team

Our Staff is always active and always willing to assist you in anything that you need! We all have had many years of FiveM experience and would be more than happy to assist you. If you have any questions feel free to join our Discord and ask any questions you have.

We hope you take the chance to check us out and grow along side with us. We hope to see you on the streets!

Jake N. | OneShot CEO
OneShot Executive Staff


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