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this post is from an old server, this will be deleted soon hopefully

Do you offer the option to own businesses as well? I’m looking to join a server and be a Car Dealership owner

Our dealership is not a business that players can work in , however im sure there is another business you could try, join our discord and we will try and sort something out buddy

Lol the invite is dead, very smart

  • 1 , Staff member trying to force me to change my clothes when i just joined LOL. Din’t even have the chance to get a car and go to the job center and then make a fitting character for that job.

Also i spawned in the middle of no where, overall just a mess.

Thats not a good start. hey…

We are currently sorting out the spawns, also admins are only being careful, if someone is in default clothes they could be 1. New - the admin would then explain to them that it is a rule they must change from the default clothing 2. A modder or VDM/RDMr if someone does not take much care with their skin it could mean they are only in here to cause trouble. No need to call the server a mess, we appreciate the criticism and feedback but we do not really appreciate the rude comment at the end. We have a good community and if you would take some time to have a look around and talk to some people rather than judging straight away you may have a different opinion - Thanks


– Dollar RP team

Professional community +rep :+1:

But bans you as soon as you get your own server.

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Understandable, They are a Whitelisted Community and do not support Dual Clanning and creating your own server would be classed as Dual Clanning or Multi Clanning

I mean they are a 400+ member discord community, not sure why they even would care about me…
And whitelisted they’re not. It’s super public, but there is whitelisted jobs if thats what you mean.

Well its mostly common sense to realise. They don’t want people Dual Clanning and I support them if they do have it in the rules meaning you have broken a rule. END Of Conversation

Doesn’t make any sense but alright ¯_(ツ)_/¯ :joy_cat:

Just had a chat with my friend who is a mechanic in the community. Says he does not see any rules about dual clanning.

Well, Still Understandable. P.S I gave up with that and just clicked Reply :joy:

They’re not whitelisted. They stole resources from the last server they were admins on, copy and pasted the server and renamed it. They carried on banning people Playing on other servers when it first launched. There is no note to this listed in the rules before you accept to play. Like i said. Copied. They also send out attacks ddos other servers. they have fights with. This server and the one we they copied were both as bad as each other

Trust me Zack, i played on these servers. Wouldnt recommend. I was also banned for mentioning i had my own server.