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OriginGaming.net is a brand new server owned by Sam Behner and Robert Weber. Our server has been up for around a week or two now with stuff being added each day. We are a community run server, which means that we will do anything to make our members happy.

Some Features of OriginGaming.Net


Our server has many features to enhance your roleplay experience. Here are a few

  • Custom vehicles for SAHP and BCSO (a few for PD)
  • Custom civilian vehicles
  • No trainers
  • No Corrupt Staff
  • No Scripthook (Which means no trolls!)
  • A CAD / MDT System CAD System

Current Departments in OriginGaming.Net


All of our departments are open. We currently are patroling in sandy so we would like our players to join the Sheriff’s Department for now but it is up to them.

Current Departments:

  • BC Sheriff’s Department
  • SA Highway Patrol
  • Fire Department
  • Communications/Dispatch
  • Emergency Medical Services

you can apply for any of these departments at -DOWN-

Messages From The Founders of OriginGaming.Net


If you would like to know about the two founders, here you go!

Sam Behner

The first paragraph is about how I wanted to start developing servers, mainly based around Garry’s Mod

I have always loved the idea of owning and developing a server. I’ve wanted to make a successful server for a very long time, even when I was 8 years old I tried to make a Garry’s Mod server, of course no one played on it because I was 8 years old but it was worth the shot. When I started to create our current Garry’s Mod server in December of 2017, I realized that the members should be able to suggest content for our server. One of our members had a great idea of a mining system, I couldn’t find one to download so I thought, why don’t I try to make it myself? Ever since that moment I have been learning to code.

After hundreds of hours of work on the Garry’s Mod server, I wanted to expand, I was getting tired of Garry’s Mod day after day, then I remembered how much I loved FiveM. I talked with the other Founder and Director of our server and we decided to make a FiveM server. We both liked the realistic roleplay gamemodes of Garry’s Mod and we both had experience with FiveM. We had decided to make a FiveM server. I shortly realised how much I loved FiveM. I also shortly got confused on how zap hosting is the official host of FiveM servers.

I had always loved FiveM but I had to take a break because of the horrible de-sync. I recently noticed that FiveM now had LUA support. I know a bit of LUA from Garry’s Mod which is a heavily modified version of LUA. After seeing how I was doing on the Garry’s Mod server, I wanted to come to FiveM. I have just recently started creating basic scripts for FiveM to practice, but soon I plan to have custom content for our server and possibly some of the requested resources from the FiveM forums.

Sam Behner, Founder & Director of OriginGaming.Net

Robert Weber

When I started talking to Sam about starting a community, I questioned the idea some because I wasn’t sure if it would be successful or not. I was not certain that the community would get off the ground. I decided to take the chance anyways. As we proceeded and built up our first server, it became more of a passion for both of us. We started to gather more people before we had even released the server into beta. After the DarkRP server came to beta, we both started to discuss the idea of a new server. Expand our horizons, and actually make the networks in our name mean something. We talked about multiple games for a few weeks but eventually we settled on FiveM.

After a month of work and deciding on what we were going to do, we finally deemed the server playable and released to the FiveM community to enjoy. With me as the Sheriff of Blaine County and Sam as the Highway Patrol Commissioner, we released the server. The server is still in development as of today, but we work vigilantly everyday to get the server more enjoyable and build our community. I personally believe that this is on of the best communities I have ever seen. Taking all the best parts of every community I have been a part of, we make a community based off what the players want, taking information from our players and staff along the way.

Robert Weber, Founder and Director of OriginGaming.Net

Communicate with OriginGaming.Net


You can join our FiveM discord here
You can join our community discord for all of our servers here
You can join our teamspeak using this IP: IN DEVELOPMENT
You can contact our support team at any time in the discord or emailing support@origingaming.net
You can contact me personally by emailing behnersam@gmail.com or sam@originggaming.net
You can email the other founder of our server at robert@origingaming.net

What OriginGaming.Net Looks Like



Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you give our server a try,
Sam Behner


We are currently looking for developers, If you interested, join our discord and DM me about it


If you think that our server doesn’t have enough features at this moment, this thread will be edited, you can always come back to check how far we’ve gone.

If you’re emailing me, I will respond faster at behnersam@gmail.com

Even if you won’t be playing on our server, leave suggestions of what you would like to see in a FiveM Server that would make anyone’s RP experience better!


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By far the best post iv’e seen in a year. I’ll join soon.



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Currently working on custom police vehicles, will post a picture of the first one soon (Not final product)

Also the name of the server was changed to Ohio State Roleplay


(Only low quality for testing reasons)


Sever might be down due to switching to a better VPS, no more zap-hosting! Should make the server preform much better