Ohio State Police RP|Looking to fill All Positions


Hello im the developer of OSPRP and currently looking to build a community. If interested please contact me through discord https://discord.gg/J64DCWM.


Server is 95% Finished and it is Looking good! Looking For Script Devs and Members so don’t be afraid to pop in and say high and check it out


Looking for People to fill Admin Moderator Roles, Civ, Fire/EMS, and LEO. Stop on by our discord https://discord.gg/J64DCWM


Server is now ready to go so if youre interested hmu on the discord posted above


Looking for a Co Owner, and to fill high ranking positions within all departments!


Server is up and running feel free to come check it out


server is up feel free to check it out


looking for members and feedback =)


Filling all positions