Ohio Gaming Community



Who we are: We are a group of like minded people who were tired of the terrible role play we kept find on other servers and so after long talks and some trial and error we have created OGC ( Ohio Gaming Community).

What sets us apart from others is the active and friendly staff behind the scenes, where a lot of so called communities see the player as another number on their player list we see them as the player they are.

Want to be part of something new then join our discord discod.gg/Zj3a233


So a quick update here keeping in mind that we are a beta server we switch to esx at the server owners request and things are looking up we have some addon police cars we are going to try to implement as well as some addon sheriff cars

Hope to see all you rpers on server soon :slight_smile:


Ok so esx was a bust but we still are looking for good rpers so come on over and join the server lots of positions open the direct connect is and our discord is discod.gg/Zj3a233 , again lots of spots open but we will not just hand you a staff tag so don’t bother come play the server first and prove yourself as a rper.