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Sever IP:
Discord: https://discord.gg/PyKB6pb
Website: Coming Soon
CAD/MDT: https://unitedstatesrp.bubbleapps.io/home
Access Password: osrp

About US,

Here at Ohio Department Of Public Safety we strive to maintain a server of the purest RP and the upmost realism in relation to Ohio. With real life police officers and associates with years of management experience we are proud to announce our server.

Department Operations:

State Police [Hiring]
Sheriff Office [Hiring]
Fire Department [Hiring]
Communications [Hiring]

Each one of our departments house custom vehicles, detailed peds, and skins. All departments have an intricate training and command staff. Expect to be trained in all your necessary daily patrol duties and if the FTO and Supervisors deem you worthy they may propose you to an advanced training class which may lead to a Sub-Division opening. Each department has a part in our custom CAD. Our CAD helps the departments keep in touch and relay info back and forth with themselves.

We are a new community. If you are looking to settle down in a FiveM community, then look no further. This is the prime opportunity to come into our community early on and secure a position in a department.

Civilian Operations

We encourage people who are not interested in working for one of our departments to become a registered civilian in our community. We offer extremely detailed custom cars and a highly intricate section in our CAD/MDT to further expand your character.

Come Join Us And Start Roleplaying Today!!

Pictures: Coming Soon


[PING] We are currently look for Head Of All Departments


[PING] Looking for a head of Fire and Sheriff


[PING] We are currently look for Head Of All Departments