[Official] Thurston County RP | Big community | Need experienced FiveM Developers | Need Administration | Organization and Management




I’m J. McGuire the owner of [Thurston County RP] and i’m looking for [experienced FiveM developers] to help me manage my server. I have a community of members I have to look after and I have a lot on my plate and could use some help. There are little things scattered around that need to be fixed updated and or removed. I will list some stuff that you will need to have experience in. Also I recently had some staff removed for inappropriate behavior in my server and is looking for for more professional administration. [Note] that administration is not something that could be easy to get, the staff members are always on the lookout for new people that they think have potential becoming a member of the staff team. We take this role very seriously and any mistake can affect the chances of you becoming a staff member. We also have Rules & Regulation on becoming a staff member same as to joining the server, you have to be over 16 years of age, mature enough to become staff and responsible enough to handle the task you have been giving which is not an ordinary task but is one of the hardest ones. I also have a TeamSpeak I got on my box which I have yet to set up so if I can get someone who can set up my ts that would be great. The TS will be set up for RTO and RTO only. You will set the TS up and manage and watch it.

Join the discord! https://discord.gg/uarHpbf


This server smells like P0tatos i don’t like the smell.


If you are looking for an admin ill be glad to help out!


Hey man tried to check out your discord I am 18 and am willing to help in any place I can. Hit me up on discord Isaiah413#1872.