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Mission Statement:
Real World Roleplay is a public server that aims to achieve a higher standard level of roleplay. Although we might be a new server, Our primary goal is to create and produce content that is funny and realistic to a certain degree. This community was built from the ground up in the beginning of march, and I’m very happy to see the extraordinary progress we have made getting this community up and out there. We try to bring new things to the community as often as we can with hard working developers making new things all the time. We love feedback from our members to see what they would like in the community and we take that very seriously. So come on into our discord and see the content we have to offer.


San Andreas Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Paleto Bay Police
Civilan Department
Fire Department
Emergency Medical Department
Much more to come!


This server smells like P0tatos i don’t like the smell.