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Whats up five Community my name is Tommy and im the director and full developer of California Roleplay, I know what your thinking a California community theres so many? Your right what makes mine different is that WE were the first California Community Established, We have so many active people we are open to all players and very flexible we don’t put you through boring applications we make the game open to you yet still maintain a ranking structure and proper protocol, We also Don’t enforce power hungry players nor do we hire them to be apart of our staff, We have 2 servers and a dev server with everything goes through testing before entering the main servers Its just a game after all were everyone can have fun and play also meet some awesome people.

> our website is www.caroleplay.com and our servers are server1.caroleplay.com

Our Teamspeak is carp.ts.nfoservers.com you can connect at anytime to get in touch with a recruiter to join instantly

in the direct connect link in fivem we have so many scripts and customization it really unlocks a whole new five world don’t believe me check it out for yourself and come ba apart of a family not just a community. My Discord is https://discord.gg/jWd9Acu you can join that as well to get in touch with any of our community members we operate off of teamspeak when you join the discord you can simply @community Members and someone in the community will help you. We also offer a variety of departments and custom department vehicles along with civ vehicles our tow division, Bounty Division, Warant Services and our Flight unit and so much more come be apart of something and help create new things hope to see you there.

-Director Tommy
Director OF California Roleplay





how is this relevant my prior community was CADOJ until someone Stole my server and files so not to sure why your posting a link to irrelevant titles


I simply posted a link to a simple search of the forums contradicting your claims of being the " first "California community established when in fact, there’s many roleplay servers in which are California based. With that being said, I’m wondering what you have to offer to perspective members that these other communities don’t. What makes yours unique, different, and more desirable to commit to?

Never did I ask what your prior community was, I’m not sure where that is relevant.


im just ensuring out of those 11 searches do not have California Roleplay in them I never said we were the first based California community but the name is


You’re right, I used the wrong search perimeters… here’s a better one which shows the “California” in 50+ titles…


Just to be clear, I’m not here to cause any problems. Just asking questions and clearing somethings up…


right and so as I was saying the community isn’t the first California based but the first California Roleplay name before being public to show that im not a copycat like 60% of people who like going around stealing names and ideas so I made it clear who and when this community was created to show and share with people who would like to know the creator and when it was created vs them joining someone else group with the same name that did not work for that name