"obtaining steam ticket" problem on home hosted server



i have an server that i host myself and 3 days ago i updated my server to the newest version and now if i start my server after 10-15 min nobody can join anymore and they get the message ‘obtaining steam ticket’ and the chat doesnt work

does someone know an solution for this ??


The “obtaining steam ticket” means that someone has tried to join a server without starting steam first. Almost every server requires users to log into steam before starting up FiveM to be able to moderate and ban/kick based on steamid. Okay that’s all I know about this topic. The chat issue might just mean there are too many resources affecting one another and the chat resource will have to be restarted. Check and make sure that your chat resource starts in the autostartresource file just like all other resources.


the strage thing is about the “obtaining steam ticket” the first 15 min everything is fine but after 15 min nobody can join anymore and before that 15 min its not an problem


Open Steam first. This used to always happen to me.