Observation of OneSync's cargen


Using canary? yes


Operating system: Windows
Artifact version: Latest

Hello, I just wanted to share what I’ve seen while observing the “onesync’s cargen”
You have the video right here: https://streamable.com/jxvvv (3 parts)

1 part, we have here a kind of “repro”. A lot of players were in this “fake interior” building and they were hearing like an explosion every 10-30s. My guess is that the cargen issue were happening a lot more than the usual inside this building.

As you can see in part three, the traffic run smoothly when I’m looking at it. While in part two when I’m far or looking in another direction 2-3-4 trucks are created at the same place.

Also in part three ~ 1:23 we can see a car created in front of us (right side)

I don’t know if it brings any clue but I just wanted to report it :slight_smile:


Any solution???