Haha! cheers mate! Glad you like our server :slight_smile:


Server seems cool. Any new features?


Check out our changelog @ our forums!
We have many new features coming out every week!


A bit of changes brought in, General U.I Changes and many more!
Visit our forums for the full change log.


All new ULTRA rare vehicle Giveaway is happening this week,
Join our discord @ http://discord.me/obliviontek
to find out more information on how to enter!


only 1 week till we draw the raffle for The Dodge Challenger / Demon giveaway! :heart_eyes:
Visit our discord to find out how to join the raffle!


Anti Cheat fixes! plus more bug patches have been brought in!
We will also be doing a Rolls Royce Giveaway! Join our discord and stay tuned for more!


Updates are here!
We have launched an In-game Tablet (Key:Home) that you can access our private social network in!
More bugs have been squashed, along with new features have also been introduced.
Join our discord! http://discord.me/obliviontek


Hello, may I ask what is that social media website and how dod you get it?


Hello Kevin,
The social network is a custom service we provide our players. Powered by OblivionTek Networks


Many server updates brought in!
Also make sure to join our discord if you want to find out more about our Rolls Royce Giveaway!


Fair bit of server updates brought in!
Check out our development process @ trello
Link: https://trello.com/b/dEYmurxM/obliviontek-rp-development


Server updated!
Introducing a new Vinewood Casino
New stability fixes,
We are also working on a new CAD/MDT System!
Join our discord for more info http://discord.me/obliviontek


New updates brought in!
New page for changelog can be visited here:
We have also updated infrastructureture, new server IP!
New vehicle pack has also been announced, join our discord @ https://discord.gg/RZ4Axrw for more info


New vehicle pack dropping tonight!
New page for changelog can be visited here:
Join our discord @ https://discord.gg/RZ4Axrw for more info


New server update!
-Performance has been increased due to many back-end changes.
More exciting updates coming soon!
Join our discord @ https://discord.gg/RZ4Axrw for more info


Server has undergone heavy back end changes to guarantee high fps even during high load.
We have introduced more realistic vehicle faliure scenarios (affects tires aswell)
New Voice indicators are placed underneath the feet of users.
New Holograms to help new users have also been brought in!
Stay tuned, more exciting updates coming soon!


New Server Development Update #003 released on the forums