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Hey guys second thread today, sorry :confused:

So I managed to get custom buildings into the server I am working on however I am having issues in seeing all of the objects, they will simply no load. I have looked over the forums and I cannot find much info about this, all I found is that this is a client side issue. However I have not found out if there is anyway to increase the cap or to completely remove it or if it’s even possible to enforce through server side so that all the players can easily load all the objects.



they will take time to load up since there are alot of custom object that has to load in. Also depends on the connection of the server. However it will not be instant


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No matter what I do the rest of the objects will not load. Some do but some don’t.


what is you computer specs ?


OS : Windows 10 Pro (64bit)
CPU : i7 4720HQ
GPU : GeForce GTX 965M 2GB

I have a guy helping us testing the server and he has a 1060 OC and a i7 6700K and the objects are also not present.


in that case could be that the server upload speed isnt as fast as u think. For example the server u trying to go on may not be dedicated. May not have enough juice to do all this. In any case as for my server i run a dedicated and i do have a few aftermarket buildings and even with a 1 GB/ps upload it still takes a bit


the building isnt just 1 object it could be 1000 objects with whats inside and all the objects


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