Using canary? n
Windows version: 10
System specifications: n


Operating system: windows
Artifact version: 1079
IP address:
Resources: 23
System specifications: n


Summary: random crash
Expected behavior: not crash
Actual behavior: crash
Steps to reproduce: none
Server/Client? client
.dmp files/report IDs:

people in the area crashed

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A couple more mini dumps of this particular crash. The ones labeled crash1_ are from the same incident, different people. Will attempt to get onesync logs / big dump if required. (1016.3 KB) (969.3 KB) (1.0 MB)


Still there too, no big dump yet :confused:


Big dump courtesy of @Vinipux322!

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Seems recurrent and affecting a lot of players
Don’t know from what it comes from :frowning: need info to find a repro
if it is similar to thirteen-* and table-* etc…

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nuts-tennessee-harry is related to long-distance teleporting


From what you have found does it require multiple people in the area?

Trying to find a nice and easy repro. Going to look into the effect of vehicles on causing this crash when a player teleport. I seem to have the issue occur when

  • A substantial amount of people are in the area

  • Lots of vehicles are nearby

  • Near interiors? (Such as Fleeca Bank etc)

I am unable so far to repro it with 2 people even with lots of cars spawned and interiors glitched, however I will keep trying to find a cause and reply here

@PichotM when you figured this out did it happen in certain locations? I.e. teleporting into an interior?


In fact, idk
some people said “I was just standing here” / “I have been teleported to my house”


"I have been teleported to my house” is interesting if your houses use an interior :thinking:

As stated I seem to get it near interiors like banks etc. I wonder if that has something to do with it


_vehicleSeatManager_getOccupant, somehow a null seat information being passed, from CNetObjPed::Update.

Weird Rockstar thing, code literally hardcodes a null pointer here. :confused: Something to do with ‘mounts’ even, which is… odd.

-> CPedGameStateDataNode + 310 (On Mount + Mount ID) being set. is this going to be another case of this elusive ‘node corruption’? :confused: These values should never be set, if there’s a viable repro it would help a lot to add a breakpoint around 0x1410EDEAE and dump when the breakpoint is hit, to see the actual state of the incoming game packet that contains this ‘bad’ data.

#11 (957.5 KB)

Has been quite frequent, agreeing with above posts.
Lots of players & vehicles in small area but no teleporting

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#12 (957.5 KB)
I was playing and i was near 2 ambulance and 1 police car and it just made me crashed i’ve restarted my pc 3 times and i’ve got this 3 times.

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already posted above


Again, crash dumps from this specific crash don’t help. You’d need to provide a full dump from the point where this kind of invalid node data is still in memory, and preferably even a repro.


I don’t know if this information is known.
But when this kind of crash occurs: nuts-tennessee-harry / thirteen-cardinal-enemy only one player survives and (I guess) he needs to disconnect to ‘fix’ the issue and allows other players to come in his area.

-> 5 players were there, 4 crashed only one stayed and the crash disappeared when he left.


yes, that is obvious, since one client ‘owns’ the entities that somehow get corrupted data, so doesn’t receive clone syncs


The entity’s owner was streaming and was also literally doing nothing. Complex to find a repro :slight_smile:


I got an error which sends me to this toppic. So here is the (998.8 KB)

#19 (1.0 MB)
i got a crash …

#20 (971.1 KB)