[NUI in HTML] Option of select not visible but clickable



I have a little problem with my manager in NUI (HTML/CSS). I use a select form but in GTA, my options of this select isn’t visible. I can click on different option if I click just under my select or choose it with up and down.

I try to change the css of theses options but nothing.

Anyone find how to fix it ?

<select class="amelioration" id='offtaux'>
        <option value = 0>10%</option>
        <option value = 1>$6 000 + 7%</option>
        <option value = 2>$10 000 + 5%</option>
        <option value = 3>$16 000 + 2%</option>
        <option value = 4>$20 000</option>



So your issue is when you click the select, your options to choose from don’t appear below it, correct?


Thats how it works, the only way to actually go through the options is with arrow keys :S


Either that or use a jQuery plugin that generates it’s own dropdowns/select menus.


Yes, it’s correct.

It’s very strange, because NUI is juste HMTL code. I don’t undersand why it’s not possible :frowning:

I will try with jQuery but it’s a little bit to much for just select …


There’s some lightweight jQuery plugins that can do it that won’t affect load times if you host it on your server. Obviously it’s not a proper fix, but it’s one that could be achieved without much effort.


Somewhere I heard that CEF works bad with Dropdowns


Yes, drop downs don’t work too well. I also wish there was an easier way to do dragging as well but unfortunately I haven’t seen one yet.


Anyway, JavaScript works very well so you can try to make your own dropdowns.


It’s work with JQuery selectmenu() function. Thanks.


NUI (cef)

Oh, nice. Time to update my NUI stuff :smile: