NUI Flashing


Might be more of a bug report, but I’m not sure if I’m the only person having this issue or not.

I have a couple NUI elements that I display for various reasons. Recently (maybe since about a month ago?) I started noticing my NUI elements flashing or flickering every now and then. I just now noticed this is only occurring when the chat box is fading out.

The flickering is on an element that I am updating constantly. I have another element that isn’t being updated, which just completely disappears when the chat goes away. As soon as I re-open the chat, my element is visible again.

Any ideas?


I asked the same on the discord. One of the elements posted this could possibly be the issue . Either that, or some other chrome problem.

I was able to confirm it was something to do with the chat fading out. I manually edited the chat resource to disable this, and I had no issues. However, that wasn’t a true solution to my problem. Plus, I liked the chat fading.

I did some searching, and I came across this page. It goes over some bugs with css animations. In the “Fighting the Flash” section, he suggests adding -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; to the elements in question. I just added to that container of whatever elements I had flashing/disappearing, and I have not had any issues. Nothing flashes, nothing disappears. This is even with the chat fade re-enabled.


Nevermind… it worked flawlessly for a period of time. Now it does it again… :face_with_head_bandage:

Before it would do it every time. Then it stopped… then it does it again. I just don’t understand this. Ugh.


I’ve noticed similar flickering among UI elements as well. I’ll see if this coincides with chat fading or not. It’s been on my list of optimization to do on my server, so I’ll be researching soon… But you’re definitely not crazy nor alone in the matter.


I get this:


Ah, so it isnt only me having this issue XD. I thought it was something I did lol


I did too at first… ha


Honestly I thought it was the Vuetify library but nope. 3 days of my life I will never get back XD


This should be resolved using a workaround starting at the canary build releasing in a few minutes from this post.