NUI Cursor with FX


Hi everyone,

I’m making a NUI but I’m a bit new with this technology :smiley:
I want to know how to display the Native Cursor ? Do we have to use the old system with ui-mouse-example ?
I’ve already put SetNuiFocus(true,true) but nothing shows up…



Maybe want to look at this native:


The cursor is shown, but under the UI


Oh thats rather inconvient, maybe it has something to do with the calling order? Show NUI -> Show Cursor or Show Cursor -> Show NUI.
Unlikely, I bet there is another native that takes care of sorting orders. Can’t find any in the docs though.

Im don’t have experience with this yet :frowning:


I finaly manage to show the cursor with hover effect and all that stuff with SetNuiFocus(true,true) when the Nui is active


and how did you do that?