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NovumRolePlay is a community with amazing people working 24/7 to quickly make us one of the best servers on Fivem. We are working day and night to get Novum back up and running after a little break. We have many spots open and are looking for helpful people to come join us in getting our great community back to where it was. Our current Admins and Developers are some of the best staff around, they will go out of there way to make sure you feel like your apart of this community.

We have a few departments that are hiring and looking for serious members to join and grow through the ranks.

  • SAHP
  • BCSO
  • Civilian

We have custom cars and scripts.
We are a serious RP community, where everyone opinion matters.
We are always looking for new people to come and join us and are more then happy to help new comers when possible.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on team speak or any other admin we are always happy to help.

SAHP Colonel Jackson C. | 5X-1


We at Novum RP, will be holding a special event this Saturday the 27th at 8pm CST. During this special event all police personal will be patrolling as prison guards inside the Blaine County prison. All civilians will be role playing as prisoners. Some of the possible RP scene you could do but are not limited to are, Crafting shanks, Meal time, Prison breaks, Prison brawls and almost anything else you can think of! Our direct connection to the server is ( Once again our team speak is ( and our discord is ( if you have any questions feel free to ask. More information can be found here . We hope to see everyone there!


Great server, l really enjoy the scripts and custom vehicles.


Great people make for a great community. The special events are awesome, would recommend hoping on.


Our special event has concluded. Thank you to everyone who came out and made it. We appreciate the effort put into it and hope everyone had a good time!


Pround to announce our new fleet of vehicles for sub divisions inside of SAHP. These are just a few of our custom cars we have in our server. Stop by our website ( to see more photos and to sign up for SAHP!


We are currently Running a patrol if anyone would like to join. We have 21 people in the server atm. Everyone is welcome. Direct connect to our IP is

NovumRP | Recruiting Now! |

Really awesome community! Friendly people and staff. Would definitely recommend.


Our special event will be held on 2/10/18 at 8pm CST. It is a white listed event so please sign up ahead of time (
In this event, there is a full blown assault on the Mansion that is housing the Governor of San Andreas. He is only protected by his security team as all landlines, cell phones and means to contact the outside world has been severed. Its up to his highly trained security team to defend against the attackers that are trying to penetrate the building and assassinate the Governor.
We hope to see everyone at the event. And our official patrol which will be held right after our white listed event is held.


Our special event is over. Thank you all for coming out we had a great turn out. Hopefully everyone will come out for the next one as well.


Very fun group to rp with. I joined them about a month ago and I have loved every minute of my time that I have spent on the server. If you want a fast growing, fun loving, community first group then look no further.


All Departments are still hiring! We love seeing new faces, don’t hesitate to drop by and say hi. Our Official Patrol times are Friday 9:00pm - Saturday 4:00pm - Sunday 9:00pm EST (please note we will still run patrols 24/7, these are the times we have our whole community get on together.)


Personally the only server I can actually justify spending 500+ hours on, I have close to 1000 hours now on FiveM and my whole career has been with these people. I’ve had the privilage to work with these people and I can highly recommend this server to anyone out there. We have some of the best adminstrators around that don’t ban for any simple reason, our people are compassionate to help with the server every step of the way. Our server differientiates from other servers by providing a family enviroment where you get to know everyone and everyone knows you. We would love to see you stop by, we always love new faces!


I joined the community just over a month ago, and I have to say it is one of the best communities for a mature and realistic role play experience. With over 700 hours on FiveM, I have played on many servers, and this community has so much to offer. I can easily see myself with this community for the rest of my FiveM days because of a great leadership staff and department heads that have an idea of what they are doing. There is active admins in the server at almost any given time to cut down on the poor role player interference in the server. If you are looking for a solid community, NovumRP is definitely a great option!


What are the custom Civ cars?


We have a list of them in our teamspeak sir ( if you like to come check them out


Please join us on our new server! We still have custom scripts cars and a working MDT/CAD. We are still hiring for SAHP/BCSO/BCPD/BCFD/Comms/Civ.


Everyone please come out and support us in our re-opening. We are starting up Novum again, anyone who would like to join feel free to join. the more the merrier.

Our website is
Our FiveM RP server is :
Our Teamspeak is:
Our Discord is


Following the reopening of the community, we will also be implementing new SAHP skins based off of Georgia’s fleet, as well as new BCSO cars based off of Adams County Sheriff’s Office. Hope to see you in our next patrol! :grin:


Update we are still looking to fill a few roles within the community. Please join our discord and message me if anyone is interested. Discord: