Not Loading Textures and LIMBO


My game is taking a long time to load the textures of the map and every time I fall in LIMBO.

I use FiveM to record and I need to sort it out immediately because it’s giving me a headache.

-Intel Core I5 7600k
-Zotac GTX 1060 6GB
-CORSAIR CX500 V2 500W

Sorry for my english


There’s already multiple posts (and bug report) about this issue, please stick to one topic and report all your information about the issue there, that way the devs don’t have to go looking for all pieces of info scattered across the forums.


the same problem is reported on my forum.


Moved to #technical-support.

I have a gut feeling that this has something to do with Visual V and Reshade.

Does this problem occur with a clean GTA 5 install?


clean server with clean FiveM
problem in sync , helps a little disabling of traffic and peds




I played my GTA V normally, when I go to FIVEM it starts this problem. It started to occur after some update, which also stopped working ShadowPlay on it. I can only record the game by first recording the desktop


I already cleaned the CACHE of the server, I also cleaned the one of the FIVEM. Did not help


it was 2 updates ago when the texture issue started happening before that i never had this issue


Same problems for me i cant play on my server RP anymore


got the same trouble!


Are you using shadow play when this happens? Try turning all overlays (including shadow play) off. If you still have issues after disabling them let us know.


I dont hâve Shadowplay


I already tried everything, but this started to happen after an update of FiveM, the two problems, not loading the textures and ShadowPlay did not capture the FiveM anymore. The same day an update of the video card occurred, but even though I uninstalled the update the problem persisted!


Your FiveM installation is jam-packed with clientsided modifications.

Please consider trying on a clean FiveM installation without the use of plugins.


on a clean and tested
on its clean server clean FiveM


Tested on a few machines, can confirm as well that running clean installations of both the server and client don’t resolve the texture issues.


How do you have ‘a few machines’ with these ‘issues’? What do they have in common that none of us in development are experiencing this?


such a problem is not only for me but also for my friends
as well as many people write about this on the forum


I Reinstalled Fivem Clean installation, Cleaned cache server and fivem, run server and fivem without any mod or script and the problem of textures still happens