(Not an advertisement) - I upload daily videos to Youtube. Looking for some consistent people to play with


Hey guys, I’ve posted on here before but I am trying again.

I see that there are a ton of people who play GTA FIveM. I constantly record stuff. I’ll do outlandish RP scenarios (Today we did one where I hire police to full over bad drivers and we sent them to driving school, making them do ridiculous things in the student drivers- car), and am looking for some mature people who want to hop in a few videos.

It would be great if you had a channel as well, essentially create a social circle that would help us all grow.

That’s my channel. I know my view to sub ratio is awful. I stopped making content for a very long time.

Anyone who is interested let me know.

Like I said, this is not to put out my channel. This is to recruit people who are also creators.


I would be willing to play with you probably.


Bro I’m down email me rlg3.90@gmail.com I stream do ur as well RobG006 on YouTube Facebook and twitch


“Not an advert”

If it wasn’t an advert then you wouldn’t post links. You’d ask people to PM you.


Sure man hit me up on Discord: Lucifer



and as always. The one person that needs to be contentious. No, it’s not an advert. This is the only forum I posted my video link on. Why? So that people can see for themselves before deciding to PM me. You really think my channel is going to explode by posting one thread on a Grandtheft auto forum?


Your content looks very interesting. Message me on the forums :wink:



Maybe he should just give his home address so they can meet IRL just to be sure no links are exchanged anywhere near this medium, because god forbid, I mean if that happened we may as well just IP ban him from the entirety of FiveM, GTA:O, Denny’s and Baskin Robins.



What he said was truth fall???


I don’t see how he is advertising, he was just asking for some constant people to play with him.

To be honest, I don’t blame him, the amount of squeaky 10 years olds I’ve encountered.


Agree With you man He just needs to peolpe to play with for his Youtube Channel


Yeah if he said, everyone come sub to me!!!

Obviously, but he is only looking for people to play with.


This isn’t a discussion about whether or not he is advertising, so lets not keep talking about it.