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Northern San Andreas Roleplay

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Who is Northern San Andreas Roleplay?

Northern San Andreas Roleplay (NSARP) is a community based around bringing the best possible roleplay experience to all of our players whether you want to be a civilian working as a delivery driver or if you want to sell drugs to the people around the city or if you want to be part of our emergency personnel working to protect the people of San Andreas. We have many opportunities for our members to get involved with the community. Our departments are based off many locations across America! Our Sheriff’s department is based off of Wake County, NC and our state police is based off Alabama State Patrol. Offering a unique Roleplay experience for our members. We offer features such as server side EUP, ESX, and a beautifully made CAD. We offer our members the best custom vehicles both civilian and law enforcement, the latest FiveM scripts and tools to enhance roleplaying abilities.

What makes Northern San Andreas Roleplay different?

We do not have departments within our law enforcement which means you can join in and roleplay as Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff, or San Andreas State Police.

We have many vehicles that were made for our server or were private releases which means our police cars are some of the best non-els cars you can get your hands on.

We have State Wide Patrols do to us being an economy server which means our jobs and locations are spread throughout the entire state.

We have a very balanced economy were our vehicles cost realistic prices and jobs generally pay around 20-30k per jobs making the server have an economy but easy progression to get into the roleplay.

We have many custom vehicles for civilians to use with realistic prices. Along with the custom vehicles we have many custom rims to enhance the customization of all vehicles.

We do not have scheduled patrol times. This being said roleplay on our server is 24/7 so at any point you can connect and start roleplaying immediately!

We are always working to make the server better from adding new features to fixing bugs in a timely manner.

We have many departments that you can choose from!

  • San Andreas Law Enforcement (Looking for Officers)

  • Civilian Department (Looking for Civilians)

  • San Andreas Communications Department (Looking for Dispatchers)

  • San Andreas EMS/Fire Department (Looking for Personnel)

We hope to see you on the streets of San Andreas soon! :slight_smile:

Open for Media


Many features have been added. Economy is tuned to be easy progression but still have the economy feel.


Some pictures of our LEO and Fire Vehicles we have many more than this and many civilian cars


We have added more new features to the server today.

  • Jobs payout have been increased on low paying jobs
  • New Phone system
  • New Mail Delivery Job Located in Paleto
  • Car Thief Events
  • Treasure creates around the map
  • Dodge Ram for Police


We are looking for new members whether you want to be an LEO or Civilian Join us at


Here are some pictures of the Dodge Ram we have by Redneck :slight_smile:


We are accepting applications all day feel free to put one in and we will look at it ASAP.


We have added in Redneck’s 2018 Ford F150 and 2018 Dodge Charger to add to our police vehicles. Feel free to put an application in to join us.


We will be doing open interviews in our discord for next for hours.


Awesome server, haven’t missed a patrol since I joined about 2 weeks ago. Very mature community with unique and creative RP scenarios that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I also love some of their “extra” realistic scripts, like one where you can buy cigarettes, but can’t smoke them without a lighter, or the ATM system, which adds a REAL ATM into the server, PIN and all that you insert your debit card in, and so much more. You can find me in the discord as Sam M. | 3O-110, I would be glad to guide any new players through the server!


Here is two of our newest police vehicles. Made by Redneck!


19 | 18 | 17


Also side note, they have just about any car you could think of and WAY more! Lots of custom trucks and high quality sports/super/classic models.


Here are some of our Civilians cars this is just a few of our hundreds of custom cars

We doing open interviews for next few days feel free to join our discord for quick interview.


Doing open interviews for tonight again if you meet our community requirements feel free to join our discord and let us know your interested in an interview.


We will be doing interviews tonight. We are mainly looking for civilians right but Leo would also be great.


We have decided to open the server up for everyone. Police and EMS are still whitelisted but civilian side of things is available to everyone.


Here are just a few of our trucks on the server. Feel free to join anytime at or