Northern Justice Roleplay Recruiting For All Departments


Who we are:
Hello everyone, welcome to Northern Justice Roleplay. NJRP is a serious, dedicated, and advanced Fivem emergency services community. We offer many different departments like San Andreas Police Department/San Andreas Unified Law Enforcement Los Santos Fire Department, Department of Civilians, and Cencom Communications.

What our server has:

  • ELS Vehicles
  • EUP Uniforms
  • ESX Framework
  • Jobs
  • Money
  • Custom CAD System

Our requirements:

  • 15 years of age
  • Legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
  • Maturity
  • Teamspeak 3
  • Discord

Our Links:

Teamspeak IP:


I’ve removed you logo, seems to cause some commotion. Although I would recommend not ripping a logo from another server.


We are still looking for new members please feel free to come by our teamskpeak if you would like to talk and learn more. Currently we do not have an application up for any of our departments but we do have a new website that I am continuously working on to make better and add new content. The new website can be found here. Also we are now utilizing EUP uniforms. This makes it a lot more realistic because now when you are on or off duty your character will look the same. We will also be adding in an LSPDFR like script to the server on June 5th. And Lastly we are not using VRP anymore we are using ESX.


Come on by and check out the community. Lots of great people that make a very interesting and fun environment to role play in. I have been here for just over a month and it has been a lot of fun.


Hey all server has had some brief issues over the last few days but I do believe that we have gotten it all fixed. We are now in the final stages of prepping for LSPDFR to come out for fivem. With all that being said we are currently recruiting for Fire, LSPD, BCSO and as always civilian roles which can be anything from just being a regular civ on the server or if you would like you can apply for a position as a dispatcher.


Good Evening everyone I am Deputy Commissioner Powers of the Northern Justice Roleplay, San Andreas Highway Patrol! I have been a member of Northern Justice for a while now and have enjoyed my time so far. We have some great members who are dedicated to making a great RP. Please feel free to stop by, we have a Discord, Teamspeak and new forum where you can meet fellow members. We are currently looking for Civs, and Recruiting for the Sheriff Department and Los Santos Regional Police Department. We look forward to meeting you!


Hello all. We are still looking to fill positions in BCSO, LSPD, and Fire/Ems. We will be implementing the lspdfr for fivem script after it releases tonight at 8:00pm. We are also adding in new car packs for all three of our police departments and for the fire department as well. Please feel free to come by the teamspeak this weekend and check us out.


Hi all, so to update everyone on where we are at. We have been adding in all of the department cars. We have no update on the LSPDFR release for Fivem which is rather unfortunate, but as soon as we have an update on that I will let everyone know. Anyways we are currently recruiting for LSPD, BCSO, and LSFD/EMS.