Northern Justice Roleplay Recruiting For All Departments


Who we are:
Hello everyone, welcome to Northern Justice Roleplay. NJRP is a serious, dedicated, and advanced Fivem emergency services community. We offer many different departments like Los Santos Regional Police, Blaine County Sheriff Department, United States Park Rangers, Los Santos Fire Department, Department of Civilians, and Cencom Communications.

What our server has:

  • ELS Vehicles
  • Custom uniforms for law enforcement
  • VRP framework
  • Jobs
  • Money
  • Custom CAD System

Our requirements:

  • 15 years of age
  • Legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
  • Maturity
  • Teamspeak 3
  • Discord

Our Links:
Application to Blaine County Sheriff Department:
Application to Cencom Communications:
Application to Los Santos Fire Department:
Application to Los Santos Regional Police:
Application to United States Park Rangers:
Teamspeak IP:


I’ve removed you logo, seems to cause some commotion. Although I would recommend not ripping a logo from another server.