[Northen Is Recruiting Members Join Why You Have A Chance] [Hiring All Departments Whitelisted Server ] Northen County RP[Custom CAD/MDT] A Professional Work Group



All Applacations Are Open

Northen County RP
Est. December 2017

About us:
NCRP Is A Growing Community That Has 4 Servers Custom Cars And Love People
To Play On The Server For A Funner Experince

Roleplay Experience:
Are Role-Play Is Great We Have Custom Vehicles Addon Vehicles And We Have Drug RP And Other Great RP That LEO Can Be In WE DO NOT ALLOW FAILRP ONE BIT We Have Life Servers That Are All Based Of Of IRL RP

Server Development:
If you are worried about the server not being well created, or developed, not to fear. 1) It has many great features, vehicles, etc. that extensively build on your experience. 2) Any member, staff, administration, can input suggestions directly to someone, where it will be looked over extensively, before approval or denial

Many Departments:
Los Santos County Sheriff
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Fire Department
San Andreas Communications
Civilian Operations
Los Santos Police Department CLOSED TO SARGENTS AND HIGHER

Applcation That Are Opend
Civillan Department
Communications Department
Los Santos County Police Department
Blaine County Sheriffs Office

Community Staff

Director: LowCar137
Deputy Director: Matt A
Asststaint Direvtor: Ryan C
Co-Director: None (We Are Hiring)
Head-Admin: None (We Are Hiring)
Admin: None (We Are Hiring)
Moderators: None (We Are Hiring)

Community Requiremts

Discord (Emergency Services Only)
Own a legit copy of Grand theft auto five
Meet age requirement of 15+
Must have a mic for RP
Must Have FiveM INSTALLED Before You Do An App

Civillan Deoartment

Los Santos Police Department

Fire/EMS Services


Discord Server To Join If You Have APPLYIED
Discord: https://discord.gg/DagNW3T