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Northen County RP 2018
After Months And Months Of Hard Work Are Server’s Are Officaly Live!

Main Website - https://ncrp-online.000webhostapp.com
Secondary Website - https://northencrp.weebly.com/
Backup Website - http://ncrp.clanwebsite.com/
Interview Discord: https://discord.gg/vQsbzVK

CAD System

35 Active Members As Of 7/21/2018

About us:
Noirthen County RP has been serving since january 2018 as under development are servers has just now officaly opened, our unique approach to real professional environments along with a family orientated style of play is what molded this community into what it is today. Having a place where people get together is one thing. Having a community that is built on the love of gaming and the willingness to better yourself and the people around you is what makes the NCRP an outstanding community. Over the past few years of operation here at NCRP. We have spent countless hours, minutes, and seconds creating a standard, way of life, and most importantly a fan base of tens of thousands of people who enjoy watching our unique style of role play. Great honor should come with the acknowledgment that we can provide entertainment for the number of spectators and fans we have. This is your chance to further yourself and become apart of the future.Our way of thinking is a simple way of thinking. We encourage people with Grand Theft Auto 5 to join one of the many departments that we offer. If sadly, you are not able to acquire a computer and/or a legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto 5. Then, we encourage people to join our Communications Department. Which allows future members without those capabilities of being able to join us in the field, the ability to still join our team. We thrive to ensure no one is left out. If you are still confused on how to proceed. Please contact a staff member on the website for further instructions.
This community adhere’s to an age limit to help maintain our goals for operational success, people age sixteen and up are allowed to submit and be eligible for membership in the Northen County RP Community.We again want to thank you, Members, Staff, Administration, NCRP Gaming, and all future viewers, fans and members of the Northen County RP Community for taking the time to dedicate yourself to make and thrive our home. All while carrying us and yourself to the future.Together the future is Justice.
Northen County RP ® 2018

The administration team at of Northen County RP works diligently to provide the best atmosphere possible for all of our members. Founded San Andreas Community -grown friends, our mission will always be to bring the best, 100% authentic Florida-based community on FiveM! We thank you for considering NCRP as your next community.

Roleplay Experience:
The level of roleplay here at NCRP is Realistic.
With Current and Retired LEOs the RP is phenomenal between Civs and Leos offering a Real Life look on how LEOs operate, and decide who is guilty or not.

Server Development:
If you are worried about the server not being well created, or developed, not to fear. 1) It has many great features, vehicles, etc. that extensively build on your experience. 2) Any member, staff, administration, can input suggestions directly on the forums where it will be looked over extensively, before approval or denial.

Many Departments:
There is a diversity of departments to choose from in NCRP!
• Los Santos Police Department [OPEN]
• Bliane County Sheriffs Office [OPEN]
• San Andreas Highway Partol [OPEN]
• San Andreas Fire Department [OPEN]
• Civilian Operations [OPEN]
• Communications Department [OPEN]

New Opportunities:
As you may see we have many departments to choose from. We’re looking for more players to fill up all of our spots. We’re expanding every day. I highly encourage you to join as many opportunities are still open. We are a fully whitelisted server it helps to ensure that we keep our professional title. We have over a couple active members on patrol every night, and still growing. Promotions are handed out by evaluation from Command Staff, and Department Heads, we also have lots of ranks to work for. So what do you say? Come on over, and have the best role playing experience ever! As of 7/21/2018 We Now Afficaly Have 35 Members Way To Go Now Lets Make It 64 Members

Custom map mods
Custom cars
Custom scripts
Menu Based
CAD/MDT System

Discord - PRIVATE
Teamspeak - PRIVATE


If you are interested in joining there are requirements that must be met in order to be eligible to join:

Must be at least 14 years of age. (Exceptions Could Be Made)

Must be mature on all actions made and take full responsibility for them in and out of roleplay.

Must have a legal copy of GTA V.

Must have TeamSpeak 3

Must have Discord

Must have a Good-quality microphone. - Earbuds Are Fine As Long We Can Hear You

Must have a sense of enthusiasm.

Must have the dedication to play on the server at least once a week, attend required training sessions and community/ department meetings.

Must speak and write fluent English.



To summarize:

No RDM/VDM (aka failRP)

No Driving Off Road With A Sedan (aka failRP)

No Cop-baiting

No racial slurs or discriminatory behavior

Do not disrespect any member, administrator, or player within the server

No advertising of other servers and/or communities

No Stealing Members From Teamspeak Serer Or Discord Server

Failure To Apply With These Rules Will Go Straight To Internal Affairs And You Will Be Termanated!


What we offer as a Fivem Roleplaying server and as a community

A friendly environment to be in.

A fully functional server to play on.

A fully functional website.

A fully functional communications system. (Discord / Teamspeak 3)

Active staff members (Always Hiring)

Frequent updates for Teamspeak, Servers, Cad System etc

Those were just the basic outlined things that we offer, exploring more in specific
departments would give you the full view of the things we offer. More things may come into the servers.


Department Heads


L.S.F.D - Available

B.C.S.O - Andre D.

S.A.H.P - Aziz G.

Communications - Arnold S.

Civilian Director - SlimeQueenGamer

If you would like to apply for any of the above departments visit our website to apply. Or talk to one of out Staff members for more information about these roles.



Our internal Affairs Department.

We have a department that deal with investigations into incidents and possible suspicions of law-breaking and professional misconduct attributed to officers on the force, You will be investigated if you have broken any laws or found to go against our conduct authority.

Gross misconduct will not be tolerated.

When you are being investigated you will be suspended from the Emergency Services until the investigation is over and you have had a hearing on what the outcome will be.

Caught doing the same action more than 4 times could result in termination from the Community.

We are hiring in this department


Our Staff team.

Our staff team is fully dedicated to help you out with general questions and show you what we do and how things work in our servers. We can show you what to expect from people roleplaying on our servers and also where to apply for The Emergency Services.

We are a dedicated team to make sure that we will bring roleplaying first but will deal with any failrp as we don’t tolerate that on our servers.




Question : “Why should I join this server?”

Answer: “We care about the players experience while playing in our server, and everyone in the community. In the Discord, we have a suggest tab where you can suggest mods and features you’d want in the server.”
Question: “Is it whitelisted or public?”

Answer: “all of are servers are whitelisted”

Question: “What if I can’t run FiveM / GTA V”

Answer: “We have a communications Department that you can join and be part of the beating heart of our community as well as our Emergency services Personnel Team!” You Can Not Do Communications Department With A Phone Or A Tablet Or An Xbox!"

Do We Have SOP’s For Departments

Answer; “Of Course We Do!”



The requirements for staff?
Be Respectful And Move Through The Ranks And One You Become Sergeant+ You will be STAFF!



Togheter Is Future
NCRP 2018

Disclamer: Ranks Are Not Given If You Ask For On You Will Be Banned!2%20(2)


Great Great Server Training Is Like DOJ And Server Is Relistic RP And Serious RP Like It Says On The Title Please Please Submit And Applicantion Because This Community Is GREAT…!!!


Keep Rolling Applications Out Lots And Lots Of People Are Joining!


Amazing A Lot Of People Are Filling Out Apps!


We Have 4 Trainings Hosted Tommorow Keep Thoses Members Rollin!


We finnaly got a new main website check it out Website new things rolling out for the community!


Every department is now open after we got a overload of people stil needing some peps to fill a little more department head spots but yeah!

Looking To Be A Department Head Go Sign Up For The Website And Then Click On Discord And Contact The Director LowCat137 Which Is ME!


We Got A 3rd In Command In The Highway Patrol And We Have A Dispacther! Keep Fillin Out Thoses Applications


im so happy we have a lot of people in the servers now