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Great Great Server Training Is Like DOJ And Server Is Relistic RP And Serious RP Like It Says On The Title Please Please Submit And Applicantion Because This Community Is GREAT…!!!


Keep Rolling Applications Out Lots And Lots Of People Are Joining!


Amazing A Lot Of People Are Filling Out Apps!


We Have 4 Trainings Hosted Tommorow Keep Thoses Members Rollin!


We finnaly got a new main website check it out Website new things rolling out for the community!


Every department is now open after we got a overload of people stil needing some peps to fill a little more department head spots but yeah!

Looking To Be A Department Head Go Sign Up For The Website And Then Click On Discord And Contact The Director LowCat137 Which Is ME!


We Got A 3rd In Command In The Highway Patrol And We Have A Dispacther! Keep Fillin Out Thoses Applications


im so happy we have a lot of people in the servers now


Amazing collection of roleplay, an extremely talented and capable development team, phenomenal and in-depth scenarios, a dedicated and caring admin and staff team… Need I go on? This server just continues to amaze me.
I’ve been working with these guys for all of two months and I’m honestly so happy Legit Roleplay was recommended to me by a friend. I really can’t imagine being anywhere else. Legit Roleplay is more than just a group of talented GTA RP folks; they’ve become family to me.
If you’re looking for a welcoming environment where you’ll be encouraged to “spread your wings” and really tap into your own potential to do great things in RP, I really encourage you to apply and give this place a shot!:slight_smile:


There Has Been A Update To Are Community We Have Updated Are Webiste To 4.3.6 Of Invasion Community Hope To See A Diffrence The New Domain For The Website Is


Bump. Keep on applying, we’re reaching great milestones!


Everybody Main Website Is Down For Development Please Use Secondary Website For More


Apply On The Website:




And how did you acquire those?


They Will Not Be Realsed To The Public!


I feel like they used a cache decrypter… :thinking:


What Is That?

(20 Charachters)


Probably lol

(( Fucking 20 Characters amirite ))