North Bay Life RP|Build Your Own Business| Complete Custom Building and Cars| Never Before Seen Scripts| Active Developers| Paleto & Sandy RP|



Such an amazing server, well done guys keep up the good work


This server is the most Rp server that is open for the community to join without having to be whitelisted. Ive been on this server for a good amount or months and the overall layout of it is beautiful. Come join North Bay Life RP.


This a really good server to play on. Just being on the server is really fun. The staff on there is friendly and nice. Its just a good place to be. So if your looking for a Good server to come play on type in North Bay Life RP.


Great Server, Come see for yourself!


What really makes this community unique is possibly the "Custom Businesses, Buildings, and Vehicles. If your looking for a consistent and fun server come here and RP


Great server, prob one of the best ive ever played on fiveM


If your looking to join a awesome server, you’ve found the place! Join our discord to get started today!


Great group of guys and gals that made this a great experience the first time around. Now the head team is revamping from the ground up and it is being set to be a good time all over again.


Awesome Server. Runs amazing, great staff
Dev’s are on all the time. They listen to the civilians. I recommend North bay to everyone .we have bunch of awesome players from dev’s to staff and without the amazing police and civilian it’s never a dull moment… So come and join today…


I never realized how much time I’m spending a day on this server literally if this server were to come up📈 id see it being the status of TwitchRP and other official server like that.

I really enjoy this North Bay RP great and has a outstanding uniqueness


North Bay Police Department are still recruiting! join us on discord for more info.


Ontario Provincial Police are still hiring! If you are interested in being a part of an elite police force, join our discord for more info!


All departments are hiring! Make sure to hop an an request your role today!


Server is always poppin come on and have fun.


Stable server, Admins and owner are active and very nice. Very quick to respond and help when I was having issues with being glitched.