North Bay Life RP|Build Your Own Business| Complete Custom Building and Cars| Never Before Seen Scripts| Active Developers| Paleto & Sandy RP|



Admins always failrp and they pretty much just punish people for the heck of it


Car dealer is going to be hosting an event today! Get your chance to win a brand new super car!


Ive been apart of this server for a long time and I love it!!! if you like roleplay and are looking for serious roleplay please join Northbay RP you wont be disappointed!!


Been on the server a few weeks now, Loving it so far, great RP, Great staff, A++


hop on north bay life rp you won’t regret awesome server awesome staff. Join up with us today. Very unique server that u will enjoy at most


**lets get on north bay life rp and have some fun. Looking for officers and met/fire **


State police will be getting a new 2018 Dodge Charger custom built by yours truly. If you’re interested and want to drive this or any of our other vehicles apply today!


Lots of changes being made. Lots of new custom cars being added that you wont see on anyother server. Join North Bay RP Today


We are going to be having a little event going on later today. Be sure to jump on and join us!


**hey, if you are looking for a great chill server to play on, North Bay Life RP is ur best choice. We got many custome scripts that u would enjoy for your personal self. Many cars that u would enjoy driving in… many police so u can’t get too cocky on their roads. If you don’t believe me hop on for yourself. :slight_smile: **


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Hop on the server and get your RP in! Lots of new features


do i need to have gta5 to play fivem


yes you must have a legit copy of GTA5 to play FiveM


We will be having a server wide drift event happening in 20 minutes! Hop on and hangout !


Im building some new trucks, new dealership opening up! BIG BIG Changes!


bump bump bump this server is off the top chains my dudes…


Active devs that fix bugs when they are reported :ok_hand: