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North Bay Life RP is dedicated in giving the best RP experience possible, we have many jobs and opportunities for everyone!

About Us

North Bay Life RP is a public safety roleplay community operating around Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay. Our focus is on quality, relaxed, and realistic roleplay of Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, and Emergency Communications. North Bay Life RP has been going strong since April of 2018, and our leadership is made up of real life emergency professionals. We have a custom CAD/MDT system, police vehicles and a huge custom fire/ems fleet! We also cannot forget about our civilians. We have TONS of custom cars and trucks. We have a full time vehicle developer that is constantly added new vehicles for us that you will not find on any other server. You ALWAYS have a say in our community! Is there a custom job or script you would like to see in the server? Well let us know and we will put it in! So come and join us, we’d love to have you! Check out our pictures and website to see what we offer and submit an application today!

What we have to offer!

Emergency Services
-Sheriffs Department
-Game Warden

-American Towing
-Boat Dealer
-Car Dealer
-Delivery Driver
-Pizza Delivery
-Real Estate Agent
-SMS Performance
-Risky’s Trucking Company
-Used Car Dealer
And Many illegal drug jobs!

★★ Requirements ★★

  • Be at least 16 years of age (exceptions may apply if you are close to this age)
  • Speak English
  • Decent sounding microphone
  • Possess a valid copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC

Server Art

Server Features

Our Custom In Game Tablet


Custom Vehicles

These are just a hand full of the vehicles we have. There are MANY MORE!

Police Vehicles

Fire and EMS Vehicles

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Looking for server with in game currency
Recommendations for a new player friendly server
Looking For Good FiveM Community Out There

Really good server, devs spent alot of time making this come check it out


Awesome Server. Runs amazing, great staff


Still looking for a server? Well join us today!


Tyler Moose#6227

Add me on discord might have what your looking for


Hey Man I Sent You A Friend Request On Discord And I Will Tell You A Bit About My Community Through DM’s. I’m Looking For Someone With Just Your Skills. In My Server We Are Also Looking For A Lead Of Development So There Is A Good Chance You Could Get That With Your Skills.
My Name On Discord Is SlickBareHD#8867


Hi we have an upcoming server thats just been released. Check out our forum post here for more info!


North Bay Roleplay is booming right now with new members! Apply today to be apart of this awesome community!


Amazing server. Devs are constantly active and always adding new things for members to do. 13/10 would recommend.


Its such a great community all the people in here are always nice and never be disrespectful. The devs of the server put so much great work in to the server its crazy how fast they are to fix bugs and other problems. If your looking for a new community North Bay Life is the way to go! ill see you in here soon.


Good morning everyone! We are currently hiring police officers. Join our discord and apply today! Also many new custom trucks to be added by the end of the week!


AWESOME SERVER. Great team, fun community, The server is far better then any other server I played on. Why don’t you come on join us & come see for your self


I love loading up my UTV and loading up my boat and heading on a fishing trip. Cookable campfires and BBQs are the perfect things to bring along. Plus my fishing rod and lots of bait.


Sheriff’s office is getting a nice new F-450 undercover unit today! Also bringing in a brand new 2018 Chevy 3500 dually! Many new custom vehicles come to the server!


**The best server out there!!!
Don’t believe me join for your self.:slight_smile: **


We are still looking for anyone interested in becoming an LEO. Apply today!


Hands down the best server I have been on. including the ones I have made myself!



The only way you will realize that this is the best server by getting on for yourself and actually trying it out!!!
Read out our info so you get a better experience at playing North Bay roleplay because we are very different from any other server! You want proof hop on the server!!!


North Bay lottery is tomorrow! Your chance to win $160,000 and a Custom car of your choice! Join today and enter in!!!