North Bay Life RP| Anyone Can Be a COP |Build Your Own Business| Complete Custom Building and Cars| Never Before Seen Scripts| Active Developers| Paleto & Sandy RP|



We are currently doing a patrol! Would love to see some new faces. Server is almost full!


Its such amazing community all the people in the sever are always nice and never be disrespectful. The devs of the server put so much great work. If your looking for a new community North Bay Life is the way to go! ill see you in here soon.


Need a new server to play on, Then hop on NOrth Bay Life rp


Just finished up another truck! Being added to the server now! Lets get some new faces in the server tonight. We are starting a patrol now!!!


Currently hiring

Interested in joining? Join our discord to get started today!:smiley:


Like what you see? You too can have crazy adventures with your friends! Don’t have any friends that play fiveM? No problem! Everyone here is super friendly and would LOVE to roleplay with you! Come join today, you will not regret it!


One of our community members made a little video to showcase the server. Take a look at it!


**sheriff office is hiring right now hop on North Bay and apply today!! **


New cars added at You Betcha Auto Sales




Lots of people on right now! You Betcha Auto Sales will be having a huge blowout sale. Stop buy for a test drive!


Tons of people on. Hop in and check us out! You wont regret it!


hop on northbay life rp !!! when you first join remember to type /register to put in your info! :slight_smile: enjoy north bay!


Bunch of big changes! Hop on North Bay RP and have a awesome time here!


hop on northbay life rp !!! when you first join remember to type /register to put in your info :slight_smile: enjoy


New car dealership just opened up and also a motorcycle shop with 100+ custom bikes. Join North Bay Life RP and fill out an application on our site to get your very own custom business!

#41 Please Join our server we have a pretty good member base but we need more members to achieve our goals as a server we have a strict set of rules for our server making the roleplay realistic, fun and interesting at the same time COME JOIN UTAH RP AND LETS HAVE SOME FUN.


Admins always failrp and they pretty much just punish people for the heck of it


Car dealer is going to be hosting an event today! Get your chance to win a brand new super car!


Ive been apart of this server for a long time and I love it!!! if you like roleplay and are looking for serious roleplay please join Northbay RP you wont be disappointed!!