Noob friendly servers?

Just downloaded the client today, and I am pretty excited to join a community. I’ve never used this before, but I do have some roleplay experience. Is there any servers that are noob friendly and willing to work with someone like me? :smile:

If you’re looking for a server that’s noob friendly, VirtualRP might fit your bill. Our community likes to meet new people, and help enhance the RP of others.

We have a player guide, server rules, and everything else you need to know before joining the server, and it’s as simple as visiting our website to see all of that information, and if you’re wanting to play, click to join our Discord, and away you go.

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I am very interested in this server! I have been looking through the link you gave me. :slight_smile:

We’re a new communnity, but we’d be mroe than happy to show you the ropes of GAT RP!

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Come check us out I will personally get you setup and going

We Have A Friendly Staff Team and we are Persistent server Join Today We Will Set You up and Help You Get Started

[NEW] CopsRP 2.0 | DOJ Like | EUP | Menu Based | Air Traffic Control | Newly Managed | Anyone Can Be Cop | Friendly Devs/Staff | Hiring All Positions

Southern States RP is a new and growing community. We are new and experienced player friendly! Come talk with one of our recruiters and they’ll answer any questions you may have!


Hi, I am the owner of Reality Gaming, an economy based community where you would need to get a job, do certain things to get something out of it, with drugs system and more.

Don’t look at these guys’ advertisements man, They’re all thirsty for new people and that is all they care about. While you may not want to be a permanent member of my community, I am still willing to show you around, and train you for future roleplay servers. Economy based or not. I can show you how to play on the most popular FiveM servers :slight_smile:

You can check out my topic at: