(NON-RP) The Purge: Battle Royale | EU Based | Full Custom Scripts | Discord


The Purge meets PUBG - Inside GTA V!

Tired of your mundane day job on your RP server? Tired of grinding your way to nowhere? For the next 12 hours, all criminal activity is legal!

Scour the city and hunt your victims, civillians or not…

But, beware! This is not any old purge, This is a BATTLE ROYALE, and there may only be one winner!

Phase: Open Alpha (Testers Required - See Discord)

Current Features:

  • Non-PVP Pre-Game Lobby
  • Game Starts With a Randomly Located Zone
  • Player Free Falls into The Game With a Parachute (Plane WIP)
  • Timed Closures of Zones to Smallest Zone
  • Out of Zone Death Countdown (Changing to Damage Soon)
  • Random Weapon Spawns Throughout Map
  • Skin Change and Nickname Feature
  • Spectator Mode
  • Ingame Leaderboard

Planned Features

  • Jump out from plane at game start
  • Out of Zone Health Penalty Instead of Timer
  • Crate Drops
  • More Random Guns & Static Vehicle Spawns
  • Website Leaderboard
  • Reward system + Shop
  • A Menu to Perform Actions Instead of Commands
  • Custom Map Areas
  • Proximity Based Voice


Want to Join The Purge?

We do not currently have a website, therefore all our communication is done via our Discord channel which you can join here:

We all knew this was gonna happen, but thanks for making a NON-RP server.


Testing today at 3pm UK Time. Join the discord for more info!


- Fixed Body Armour Giving Only 1% - Now Random Increase Between 20-80%
- Fixed Double Messages Appearing in Chat
+ Added IPL Loader For Broken Interiors and Glass
+ Added A Visible "Zone" Area
+ Added A Health Penalty For Being Outside of Safe Zone
+ Cleared Stats Table

We Need Testers!

Our first test was a success! But now we need to test how the server will handle a larger player load.

From today; the server will be switched on 24/7 so I urge you to drop by with a few of your friends and test it out!

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Finally got round to a few updates on this. You can fully customise your clothing and accessories before you go into battle!

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