NON-ELS Add-on Sheriff Pack with blue/blue & red lights!

I will when I get home

Download this and there will be a template folder in the folder you downloaded and that will have all the cars templates in it

link doesnt work (20 chars)

Sorry about that but I am just going to close this skin pack but thank you for the information

The download link does not work

install would be great i’m new to this

link is fixed for anyone who was having issues downloading it.

no its not

ya sorry my server is down for upgrades i added it to mega Download from Mega

both links down

Sorry i forget what stuff is what in the dang folders.!Pe5VhCRS!JBn1qioG9WQLBAV5N8_kuw <---- EMS pack!qCB01SrR!MssJcxqs_OOlJHGE-s0iaz-Y689OTLnC07vAl7z7qII <— Police pack

Added link back see my post above

ems pack ? got a screenshot ?



AH okay thank you!

you should make that but a black and green gruppe6 car

I’m going to use this for my server, is that alright?
The name is Los Santos Life Roleplay. This is the discord link: . The IP is

Would it be possible to change the spawn codes for the sheriff vehicles? Instead of police5/6/7/8 to sheriff3/4/5/6?

Of course it’s possible, but I don’t know how to do that :confused:

EDIT: I just tried changing spawn codes using a tutorial by FAXES and some other guy from… Didn’t work :frowning: