[NON-ELS] 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe



Here is a vehicle i made some time ago. Not sure how well it works, but it should work fine with siren setting 1 and sheriff 2 handing

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YjhzOK_zAEBxtaNvDLq6FrZX32v9IXvJ

extra_1 and extra_2 are 2 different grille choices
working spotlight
Police MDT
Prisoner transporting partitions
cargo box in the back

Bugs / things you might not like:
No rambar collision
Not that many lights on the car
I dont think the glass breaks
Has no LODs

You can use any skin made for thehurks 2015 tahoe DEV model on this

This model is provided as is and i will most likely not be helping anyone if they can’t install this. There are plenty of tutorials on this forum, so check those out if you have issues installing.

Tahoe model
-Orignal suburban Scratch modeled by Shadydk311
-Converted and edited to V by BritishGamer88
-Converted to Tahoe by Thehurk & Allaboutk9
-MAJOR edits by Thehurk
-Convert to PPV By Thehurk
-Rims purchased by Him1250
-Normals and wireframe fixed by Thehurk
-Textured by Thehurk
Whelen ION by lccop,
Whelen Liberty II SOLO by IronicRainbow,
Whelen Edge Lights by DevinKan
Rambar, Antennas, and interior bits
Cargo Cabinet
Running Lights

Screenshots (Feel free to send me some taken in game and I will add them, and give credits for them)


Nice Job.



Looks Cool, keep up that work i’ll send a pic when it’s in game!


cool good jobbbbb


Does the Hurk have any website or discord I can follow him on?


I think you can find his profile on LCPDFR.com


Dude, you need proper credits with the parts you’re using, it can’t just be “Oh this guy gave them to me, so I don’t know where they’re from”. You need to include names on the rambar and antennas as well. I don’t have anything against your model, just please update your credits.


I updated it just for you baby, but I dont know who made the DEV pack that I used for the interior stuff and antennas. So you will have to live with that.