No Team Deathmatch game modes? Why only RP?


99% of the servers are RP , 1% are racing and 0.001 are miscellaneous.

It gets annoying…
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of RP and probably still up to now my biggest record of hours spent in a game was in SAMP RP servers.

But GTA is such a massive game full of possibilities, why is there such a lack of creativity and variety?

I hate the shooting game modes on original GTA:O because they are mostly unbalanced and badly thought out (not to mention the cheaters and impossible queuing.

Having balanced, carefully constructed Team Deathmatch modes, classic TDM, VIP escort, w/ or w/o vehicles… only a specific set of weapons… classes Battlefield style, more fast paced COD style…

It would be so nice and fresh. I want to shoot some guns, and as everyone knows I can’t do that immediately in a RP server.

Thank you in advance for the attention. Much love.


Unfortunately that is just the way it is.


Sure it’d be nice, but it takes time to make it “balanced, carefully constructed […] with a lot of variation/options/features”.

There is a deathmatch server pinned, though it’s ffa, not tdm.

Not sure how many “wip” tdm gamemodes there are but I don’t think there’s a lot atm.


Unfortunatly, most of the community is from the LCPD:FR days of GTA IV and trying to replicate it in the much bigger more powerful, and better game GTA V.

Also the FiveM is just the framework and developed by a small team means their focus is on other aspects rather than adding game modes, so community generated content is being done by the people who have the bigger sway. If you want to make your own TDM mode, you’ll either have to script it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. As they say if you build it they will come.


Wouldn’t recommend this, see:


Well that just limits them to either doing it themselves, or finding someone who’s willing to do it for free.


Thats kinda the point. Running a server isnt for everyone. Would you jump into an F1 racing car and floor it without any knowledge of how said vehicle functions? I hope not. Same applies here. We see it all the time in the server dev category. Ppl want a dev to do it all for them. At that point how is it their server? Because they rent the box? It just an empty box. When i read these posts i think, im already doing that and to MY server.


I believe the complexity in a RP server, with turfs, jobs, factions… is far larger than that of a team shooting game mode, and there aren’t even any basic tdm game modes. I believe I saw some RP servers claiming to have “Paintball”; which is pretty much a TDM gamemode inside of a RP gamemode.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way complaining to the devs, I know it’s not their job to come up with game modes, once again as I said before I spent plenty of time in SAMP to know how this works. I’m just expressing how I feel and how it seems odd that in 1000’s of servers there is not a single TDM to be found.

I understand I don’t have a big say in this because I know I won’t be the one coding a TDM mode, as I have no knowledge nor the available time to do it. But I surely had to get this question out there


I don’t think the demand is there for these sort of modes. That’s why it doesn’t exist. I’ve made a Freeroam server if you are just looking to mess around with things.


Personally I have no interest over a freeroam server. I did enough freeroam on GTA O, GTA IV mp and the singleplayer portion of the games, and it’s honestly one of the few things I feel like GTA O does well (besides the paywall ofc).
I’m really just searching for organized shooting


Well since you are the first person I’ve seen request it, I don’t really like your chances. Like it wouldn’t be too hard to make, but I just don’t think the demand is there. If you can prove me otherwise I might consider making a mode.


work in progress


You should also check this out: [Alpha] Demolition Derby | New Gamemode :slight_smile:


I’ve coded a basic deathmatch minigame that occurs in my server (multiple spawn points, 3 life system, etc.). Once I’m done with my current project, maybe I’ll beef it up and make a full game mode to release.


Awesome! I would just say that the issue is that the map is way too big… the framework is there and its awesome, but the map is far too large for the amount of people that join. I would say you should focus on more 16 / 8vs8 small war style maps


I think one of the reasons why there are so many RP servers and very little other types of servers is because FiveM has a name for being a multiplayer RP mod for GTA V.
If you see content creators, such as streamers and video makers who are playing FiveM, they are all playing RP.
I could be wrong, but I think if people wanted to play a TDM gamemode, they would just hop onto GTA Online.
You can’t roleplay on GTA Online, so thats why they play FiveM.
Its the same for the other GTA V MP mods, a majority of their servers are also RP.


Multiplayer RP mod for GTA V.