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Hello! and thanks for clicking this topic! We appreciate it!

My name is Mike and I am the man who decided to start project No SleepRP :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that some of our beutiful members have already made advertisements for us, which is amazing! (for mods i have asked the person named Mikey Cox to delete the posts as i read that having multiple posts is not allowed, and i was unaware of them.)

Regardless, over at No Sleep are players who merged from diffrent servers with one common goal. We would like to make a community that is serious about its roleplay but also allows for fun and interactive experiences! We currently spend many hours figuring out how we would do this, and after many hours of “this” and “that” and “what if’s” we all decided that if there is a will there is a way! Now 8 weeks later we decided to launch our ESX based server, and we would love for you to join us!

Now, what makes us different from others? that’s actually a good question depending on what you’ve experienced so far.

However here are some things that we offer:

  • A community that listens to its people.
  • Regular events to bring people together.
  • Appartments at lower prices in paleto bay (And soon to be added in Sandy Shores)!
  • A whitelisted group system which includes; Gangs, Police, EMS, Mechanics & Businesses!
  • More realistic driving!
  • Functioning Tattooshops!
  • An active staff team to work with everyone to hold to our promise.
  • Multiple vehicleshops for diffrent car categories!
  • Hidden drugspots that change evrynow and then.
  • Lower prison sentences.
  • Regular updates & player-selected additions.
  • In-game rewards for bug reporting.
  • A friendly & interactive atmosphere.
  • Customized UI.

The No SleepRP Dream:

We wish to create a community that is dedicated and determined to have memorable and enjoyable roleplay for roleplayers all across the world. We work toward removing the competitiveness of other servers to allow players to development and live their character’s story. This allows you to play a wide range of characters ranging from a crime lord to a police officer or even a truck driver. Our Whitelisted services are consistently tested to assure there is no corruption.

We believe that our server will never be 100% done! There is always space to improve. Now we are in the early stages and there are still things to tweak and adjust, but we will not give up!

Joining us is simple! Head over and search for “No sleep” on FiveM where you can find our discord info and other information!

We are also hiring Emergency personal, which you can apply for on our Discord!

see you in-game! <3

Much Love,
Mike @NoSleepRP


Next time please flag/notify unofficial posts first before creating your own :wink: I’ve closed the other topic for you.


Thank you i appreciate it! :slight_smile: will do next time for sure!


We are also hiring Emergency personal, which you can apply for on our Discord!

in need of all departments. send me a msg if you have any questions.


@MikeNoxious The discord link that you provided on your Server and in your chat rooms dosen’t work. I would really appreciate a new link to your discord. Since I really like your server