No servers are avalibe


I cannot see any servers in the FiveReborn… I couldn’t able to play with any players online… please try to fix my issue…


No server list? Our developers need info! look here for more info



Hi, the servers are up, as i am to connect to you to them.

But, to help you we need the proper format,

this may help you with your problem


GTA V version: Build 877, Online 1.36

Up to date:

**Legit or Pirate copy:**Pirate copy(Reloaded)

**Steam/CD/Social Club:**Not Sure
**Windows version:**Windows 10 (version 1607)
Error screenshot:

GTA V folder screenshot:

GTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshot:

Filepath to FiveReborn folder: C:\Users*****\Desktop\FiveReborn

FiveReborn client folder screenshot:

CitizenFX.log: CitizenFX.log.rar (896.4 KB)

.dmp files: Not sure… where its located

System Spec:

Hope I get a good solution soon…! Thank You!!!


Wtf is Steam RELOADED?


I am using GTA V Reloaded version…


yea whats steam reloaded?
is that regular steam or what


I don’t know about that clearly… I downloaded the game GTA V as Reloaded version, and the crack folder got few steam files… So I thought RELOADED cracked a steam version of GTA V… That’s why I mentioned steam reloaded :sweat_smile:
Sorry that made lots of confusion here… So I should say this as RELOADED version, Am I right?


well thats why… we don’t support crack version of the game… it has to be legit one.

Unless thats changed @Boss


Nope. Cracks are illegal so no.
RELOADED is just basically a cracked game.
Anyway welcome to fivereborn the game that always crashes! C:

Online is 1.37


What do you mean…? If I’ve bought the original game means then why i’m going to play FiveReborn ?
I thought FiveReborn is created for the people who don’t have the purchased license we will give you a free Online gaming;!
Anyways, how to message or voice chat with the people in the server?


User suspended + topic locked.

Cracked copy.