[No longer Updating] [Re-Release] ID Over-head Version 1.1


Here i have a ID Overhead script. Originally made by [Release] Changed Player Name Tags & Distance Names All i simply did was replace one line. I take no credit at all for this script. I have pm’ed him but he has not been active lately. If he wishes to release this or for me to take it down, please pm me. To everyone else enjoy.


Read the readme document in the file



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Version 1.1 released:
Id overhead changes colors when speaking.

Credit to @Decon for helping with the color change during speaking.

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Could you make it so the number turns blue if the person is talking?


I have been looking into it. Will update if i find anything. If anyone can help please pm me.


Could you please use SetDrawOrigin/ClearDrawOrigin and not ‘world3dtoscreen2d’?


Thats what i was looking for thank you. Gonna be uppdating in a little with this and a change color upon speaking.


Witin for changin color version :wink:


Color changing version out. Enjoy


Hey, thanks for asking for permission. Its all good, most people didnt notice I put how to just have the player id in there but commented out.


Didnt see it myself. I have added a few things to it if your interested. Thanks for allowing me to re-release.


screenshot? i want to see one


https://gyazo.com/83d6684759117933f7002841badefd47 Couldnt get one without being tabbed in as when you tab out the color changes back to white. But upon a player talking the id goes blue by default. You can then change that in the file.


thanks wanted to see it before downloading. :slight_smile:


No problem. Let me know if you have any problems.


@vizzra Do you have a fix for this :s https://gyazo.com/eef6fdfd0b12fa0d99180c75a993b3d6


Try this one


@vizzra yeah it works now ty, btw do you know how to see players id’s further away?


local playerNamesDist = 15
Change that to your liking.


If you have any on-screen elements, like fuel level from “Advanced Fuel” or speedometer from “Sexy Speedometer”, they are being moved with overhead text.


So this is unusable atm then?


Fixed in new version. Updating thread now.