No longer offering my Dev services


I’ve purchased my own server and will be bending all of my resources and time to that so I will no longer be offering help to you guys! You can contact me on Discord if you still need help with something but I’m no longer looking to be a freelance developer.

Feel free to join my discord here if you have any questions or need help at any time!


Added you onto Discord


I accepted it. I won’t be able to do any work tonight as I have some tests tomorrow, but I should be available after those


Sent you an friend request on Discord. Would love to chat with you.


Added you on discord would love to talk. We are in desperate need of a dev.


Hi there are you still available for assistance with setting up a server… we are in need of some help keep getting stuck … and do you have exp with xampp and heidisql? … atm setting u a base sever on a dedi box… contact ghost or my self at our Team Speak :


Add me on Discord.
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hi there im part of a group and we are currently looking for help with development on the server. and id like to know if your interested in joining us in developing the server. we have got quiet a lot on there but most of us are working long jobs and are in need of some help so if your interested the please join the discord . ( )thank you and message J.Jones gambino or dapper


I joined but you’re both only accepting messages from friends, so I can’t DM either one of you


Greetings Developers,

I am Community Director for a New community “Ascension RP”. Before I open to the public or to recruit new members. I am looking for the following:

Script Developers: Responsible for creating scripts to implement to the server.
Vehicle Developers: Responsible for Creating high quality vehicles that will be used in patrol.
Skin Creator: Responsible for Creating High Quality skins, that will be used in patrol.

If you have experience, the more the better.

If you are interested in Development positions, please join the Teamspeak At any one of the following dates/times for more information or Inquiries.

Thursday (10/26/17): 8:30pm CST - 10:00pm CST
Friday (10/27/17): 8:30pm CST - 10:00pm CST
Saturday: 12pm CST - 2pm CST; 4pm CST - 6pm CST; 8pm CST - 10pm CST
Sunday: N/A

Once Positions are filled this post will be changed.

Director Shino

PS. Unfortunately I am not too much of a fan of discord


are you still available? Could use some help any help at all is greatly appreciated


The power supply on my computer just died so I can’t help right now. I should have it replaced by next weekend.


you help and i will donate to you and pay for that power supply…deal?


We are brand new zombie RP server running on a VPS, managed to get everything running well hoping to find someone that can help us put it over the top. Please join our discord, I am the manager BinaryRadeon.


I’ve already got the supply ordered, just waiting for it to come in


My power supply just went out, I’m hoping to have it replaced by the weekend at the latest. If you can hold out that long I should be able to help


That’s fine, we’re holding it down in the meantime. I look forward to seeing what you have in your bag of tricks.


Hi Mr,
We are interested in your developing skills, could you visit so we could discuss future plans?
Best regards.


I’ll be happy to discuss working with you as soon as I can!


Thank you for your fast response , i will make sure we have a spot awaiting for you here