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This is the best fivem sever I ever played on! The staff is every friendly and all the members are nice. And they have a every nice custom game mode, And they have every nice wide selection of cop/fire vehicles.


The Server Is Officially Up
Join Today!


Come check out the steam!


Come watch the live stream that will be starting soon


Our Teamspeak Is Now Setup!
You Can Join @


We about to start some role play. Join Today!


Looking For Active Members! Join Today!
Hop On For Some Roleplay, We Are Not Whitelisted.


We Are Going To Be Changing Up Our Custom Framework And Change Some Things Around For Better Roleplay Purposes.


Dose anyone want join and do some rp


best server I’ve ever played on ever best vehicle’s and cop cars.


great cars and trucks


they have staff that answers your questions and the roleplay is great great selection of vehicles


Dose anyone want join and do some rp


Dose anyone want join and do some rp with us



Our Roleplay’s Are Not Scheduled, We Just Roleplay Anytime.


We Are Currently Looking For More Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, And Civilians.
We Will Also Be Looking Staff Soon.


The Family RP Styled, the sever is doing good lots of updates coming with the economy.


Very welcoming server