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Hello, Welcome to No Limits Roleplay
In this server we all hope you will find your place and have Fun!

What we offer ?
we offer 4 Departements:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Toronto Police Service (TPS)

Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.)

Toronto Medical Service (TMS)

Toronto Fire Service (TFS)


To join the community, you have to:

→ Be at least 15 Years Old
→ Have a Proper working mic
→ Can speak and type English good
→ Be mature
→ Listen to higher ups

Who are we ?

We are a 8 month old server which goes up and down sometimes all players are active and its Fun and sometimes no one joins. That is why we are hear that way we can have a big community and we wont have to worry. We always want the best Roleplay so that is why we have alot of admins, that way no trolls can join and if they do they get kicked or banned.

Why you should join us over another server ?

You should join us because we offer Custom Cars and Peds which are very nice and if you join now since we are in need of players you are insure to get a Good Rank and then when we get more players you can get an even bigger rank because you would of helped the server grow. I hope you join the server and you can see everything custom we have.

Contact Information ?

Discord Here.

Website Here.


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So quick tip don’t go into other peoples discords to advertise your community, its desperate and disrespectful, if you try and deny it ill post the screenshots


Same here do not come into my discord and start spamming your community You disgusting pest


To both of you, it was not us. It was one of our community members doing that. He has now been dealt with and it won’t happen again!


To both of you, it was not us. It was one of our community members doing that! He has now been dealt with and it won’t happen again!


hello everyone i wanted to mention this now, as recently there has been people(s) who have been spamming our discord invite even after they have been banned we dont understand how they are this and if you get a invite from our server please ignore it or get MEE6 so you can block invite posting and again we are very sorry for all who been approached by this and would like you recommend MEE6 to block invite spam by any means we will continue to look for these people and report these guys, as well if you see these guys in your discord spamming invite please report them to discord and fivem thanks guy for understanding and sorry for all the trouble