No Cash Necessary | Texture Developer | Will Create Custom Liveries



Hey there! I’m a texture developer willing to bring my services to the public. I’m experienced in my trade and I have done diligent work for a few communities within the past several months. I will do liveries/skins for any level of complexity, so long as it can be added to a vehicle.

I will work in exchange for exposure of my own server on your server’s discord!

I will only work for those I deem genuine and trustworthy, as to protect my work.

Here’s a mini portfolio for those interested:

Contact me on discord if you are interested or have any questions! IceyRevelations#0882




No cash should ever be necessary :thinking:


It’s just so I can be clear :slight_smile:


Okie dokie.


Okie …


Bump I still have room for an offer or two!



New server creator here,
definitely would be interested in having you aboard if you enjoy creating custom skins.
I have plenty of work for you if your down.
Get back to me asap on discord @ Skila#5034


Just to be clear, I will do as much work as I feel is a fair trade. If your server is larger in numbers, then there will be room for me to make more complicated skins in a greater quantity. However, I’m still willing to advise/aid those new servers with their texturing endeavors! I just have my own community to work for and grow :slight_smile:


The offer is still open! I have some room for work in the future : )


I would be interested contact me via discord Eldestword4#7421


She did a great job on my LEO vehicles, and I’m glad I chose her for the job :slight_smile:


I cant seem to find you on discord!


Sorry its EldestWord4#7421