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When you get to the application page click on the image of a police car.

NLRP is a server that has been open for a good amount of time, we are an active GTA V RP server that was created by a community of awesome and experience RPers. We have active Admins, EMS (which is hiring), and Police. The developers are active and always working on new things to add to your experience. We are whitelisted server with Serious RP in mind we have a custom built in-game CAD system, custom scripts, limited edition rotation of custom cars, custom jobs!!
We also have many live streamers who play on this server so try to keep your behavior at a mature level.

Edit: We have just added more custom vehicles last night.
Edit. The next update is going to bring a lot of more vehicles as well as customization.

Keep in mind we are a friendly community, and mature community!

Custom Quarry Miner job Coming Soon

Custom Pawn Shop script in coordination with the custom mining job Coming Soon

Custom Map

Custom Mega Mall with interior


Our next update will be known as the “Cars Update”.


Currently we try to release new patches every other Wednesday.


We are working very hard to get this next patch out.


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