Hey, how would I make it so the nightstick dont do any damage?


I tried with the damage multiplier but it does not seems to work for the nightstick


Stream the weapons xml file and modify it to do no damage??


Doesnt work you have to do it with damage.meta but idk what type of meta file to stream that as


No idea. Was just taking a wild guess because we streamed a non lethal shotgun on the server and it worked fine.


stream the weapons meta and adjust the damage there check out this mod for this example 31

in the resource use this mounter WEAPON_METADATA_FILE and it should work and u can edit the other weapons in the .meta file
Hope it worked, havn’t tested it myself yet.


The damage of the nightstick is not streamed thru that file there is a separate damages.meta for it. Just dont know which type of file to stream that as