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A Little About Us…
Next Life is the alternate phase to what was Project Ajax. Project Ajax began as a gathering of minds to develop a serious roleplay platform much like what many of our team had experienced on platforms prior to the creation and rise of the FiveM community. It was originally set as our code-named project as we continued to develop, fine-tune, and consider the choices and changes being made to the server. We also felt that “Project Ajax” did not really invoke the concept of roleplay that we were trying to present, and for that reason, we believe Next Life should more so embody our goals and aspirations for our community. We appreciate our heritage as Ajax, and we will always continue to represent that same drive for development and fine tuning with New Life RP.

What can you expect at our community?
We were able to mold concepts and ideas that we have seen to shape an ideal foundation for what we want our community to grow upon. We are in no means delivering a finished product, as we always have an earnest to develop further and we have a development team capable of providing that for the server. We have certain features that set us apart from the rest, which include:

  • vMenu Based
  • Serious roleplay
  • Active staff and development team
  • Custom Cars and Assets
  • Realistic Weapon Handling w/o crosshair
  • Immersive professional emergency services w/ EUP and Command structure and training
  • Volunteer/Auxiliary officers to experience with police roleplay, and be mentored by whitelisted LEO’s
  • Legal system/Factions/Organizations all owned and operated by YOU
  • Web-based CAD system with multi-character support
  • Active and helpful staff team, w/ NA, EU, and Oceania staffing!
  • OOS (Out of Server) roleplay channels through Discord
  • In-house development and texture team devoted to elevating server content
  • Support for games across different genres via Discord

Tell me about Emergency Services
Our emergency services include a variety of different agencies, who expand further with their own departmental bureau’s and divisions for keeping San Andreas safe and sound:

  • San Andreas State Police
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • Los Santos Metropolitan Police Department
  • San Andreas Regional Fire & EMS

Our agencies provide countless tools to ensure you are immersed, these include our radio emulation channels through both Discord RTO & “Zello”, with well structured and organized handbooks to detail all you need to know about your duties. We also provide a roster for every agency, to detail your journey up the ladder in the criminal justice system, and traverse the many career opportunities abound!

"Well that’s cool, but how do I join those departments?"
Simple, we provide you an application via our Discord: at #application-center, it asks you general questions and if you’ve had any past experience that could be an asset to the department you’re interested in. It follows up with questions concerning to the roleplay character you are applying with, so we have an idea of what interests them, what their name and age will be, why they are interested in joining, etc. It’s that simple, and it doesn’t matter who you are, diversity makes roleplay what it is.

What if I just want to be a Civilian?
I completely understand, we don’t set rules where you have to be restricted to being only an officer or civilian, you can cross the two them as you want, as you are allowed up to four different characters across our server to roleplay with! Maybe you just want to be a civilian and that’s all? Well, we don’t make you do a civilian application if that’s what you’re thinking, if you want to sell cars at a dealership or maybe get involved in some illegal activities, we have no bar on that to get in the way of what you want to do. Our multitude of vehicles and content provides the spice you want, with plenty of interest to be had even if you’re alone at 3 in the morning, just experimenting with them all and messing around can have you stick around till noon! We also provide civilians the ability to become attorneys-at-law, and create organizations and factions!

That being said, we do request long-term civilians to sign up at our web-based CAD found in the Discord, but don’t worry if it’s your first time on or you get arrested, we will guide you through the process of getting you on the CAD and well even call in a few favors to make that nasty jail sentence “disappear” this time around. :wink:

Are you Hiring Staff/Developers/Emergency Services Command?
We are always looking for staff and developers interested in joining the community, you can check out the applications for it in the Discord in #application-center if you are interested in those positions. We already have a lead developer and we do not start out new staff at high level positions no matter prior experience, just so you are aware.

In terms of Emergency Services command, we prefer that you start out at the beginning and are risen through the ranks from within based on our “Promote from Within” mentality. However, exceptions can be made dependent on experience or education in certain fields, etc. Just don’t go into it expecting to get a position out of it, and you’ll still need to fill out an application to be considered.

TL;DR: We have a lot of features and we designed the server to be geared towards serious roleplay, without having you spend ages on an economy server. Web-based CAD sign-up for long term members, not whitelisted, just plug and play to your heart’s content. Below is the Discord with all the info you need, the direct connect address for our NYC based server, and links to our 3 Project Lead’s forum profiles and Discords in-case you need to ask us anything.

Important Information
Next Life Discord:
Next Life RP FiveM Server: (NYC, USA)
Project Lead (Gritowski):
Project Lead (Jordan): N/A
Project Lead (Foxtrot): N/A
Discord DM (Gritowski): Gritowski #0671
Discord DM (Jordan): Jordan #7937
Discord DM (Foxtrot): Foxtrot#3380



Here are some of those photo’s that I promised to show off, with a portion of our law enforcement vehicle fleet at work, and the people operating it on the day-to-day!

Joint Taskforce Photos


Getting gas for the night shift

Motorist stopped

SASP Commissioner Jordan Mikel citing a driver for running a traffic signal device on G.O.H


Sheriff John Walker takes notes down at a minor collision scene with the motorists

SASP & BCSO respond to Blaine County Savings Bank

SASP Commissioner Jordan Mikel attempts to negotiate with “Prison Mike”, the bank robber

After negotiations falter, law enforcement attempt to pressure the robber into surrendering

If you like what you see in terms of LEO content, feel free to try us out, or even join on a ride-along to experience what it’s like yourself at Next Life RP!

Interested in the civilian content we have to offer? Don’t worry, you’ll see a post coming up that’ll show you some experiences and shenanigans you can get into as a civilian here at Next Life! Maybe you can join in and send us some of your own funny moments in server and we can show them off to the community, thanks again for giving Next Life RP a look!



Prior, I talked about some characteristics and aspirations that some of our civilians can get up to while travelling San Andreas. In recognition of that, we do in fact have some new content to release to the public about the various antics and activities some of our civilians have gotten up to in the past few weeks. Note the various vehicles that you see, they are only just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you have available to you here at Next Life!

Midnight Trek

A humble outdoors man takes out his restored Toyota for a small overnight trek up the hillside beside Joshua Rd. in Sandy Shores

Midnight Club

Sandy Shores is a local hotspot for drag racing, cultivated by it’s double lane arterial roadways, and it’s sleepy, dormant populace at night, this desert suburb is an oasis for racing enthusiasts, and those who might have a pink slip to barter…

Locals and their Toys

Because of Sandy Shores being one of the more remote, and less traveled in San Andreas, many different personalities and individuals also concede to call it home away from home, or establish their mark on the area, whether it be by entrepreneurial or infamous pursuits, Sandy Shores certainly has it’s own charm to many.

If you found some vehicles here desirable, or if you like the various content we have already featured, feel free to check out Next Life RP, we are always interested in hearing your stories, or hearing your concerns or ideas that might make the server a more enjoyable experience. Don’t forget, you can also drop a direct line to me through Discord about any questions or comments you might have, contact details listed in the original posting at the bottom.

Up next after that long hiatus between postings, I am looking forward to delivering you some more content, including a look at our soon to be unveiled DOJ system, compiled with criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors, civil attorneys, and judges who have an interest in serving the state of San Andreas with their professionalism!

Thank you again, and don’t forget to give Next Life a look, who knows? You might be interested in what you find beyond the door…



Welcome back for another update on Next Life, in this update, we have some exciting news about our community progress, and how we are continually elevating our standards for roleplay.

Recently, Next Life RP has united with “San Andreas Reborn Roleplay” to combine our efforts to providing serious roleplay, without the necessity of economic elements. We find that our cooperation, focus on roleplay, and development abilities can all combine to really accelerate the community, and it is now united under Next Life. With this change in the guard, we have welcomed 8 new staff members to the team as a result of this merger, our notable inclusions and promotions; Foxtrot, prior community manager of Next Life and chief developer becoming one of our now 3 project leads. Gremm Kay, prior owner of San Andreas Reborn Roleplay now becoming the new community manager of Next Life RP.

We rolled out our newest implementation, the controversial “Volunteer Officer” that I am sure has been a plague to the roleplay of many servers. (myself personally witnessing the injustices or arbitrary nature of unsupervised volunteers) Next Life has provided these officers a very vibrant Dodge Charger patrol unit, with it’s very own emergency lighting system that differentiates itself from “whitelisted” officers. We hope those curious will enjoy trying out the volunteer officer, and our officers have been mandated to be mentors to anyone interested in trying out our volunteer officer in hopes of them continuing to pursue a career in the emergency services.

We continue to provide content, as we are now providing our current law enforcement fleets a face-lift. Our previous State Police color scheme of white/black has been completely redone, now with a navy blue/silver color scheme that looks absolutely amazing. The emergency lighting systems were completely redone and are now extremely vibrant, and visible from miles away as we previously had traffic collisions with our older lighting systems. This new face-lift also brought about the presence of the State EOD unit, which has been used numerous times thus far in response to rising extremist aggression.

Other various implementations included the presence of new BaitCar software, and makeshift firearms training center located on Zancudo thanks to government funding.

San Andreas Bail Enforcement is also currently active and providing bail services across the state, and Gruppe6 now has a corporate charter license across the state of San Andreas. Feel free to apply to these player owned and operated organizations, or even draw up your own organization!

Thanks for dropping in for this update on Next Life, don’t forget to check us out at our Discord:


Looking for an Open Server

Looking for EU players and Staff.



Previously, I discussed the fact that our departments were undergoing that face-lift and complete replacement of our emergency lighting systems provided in our departmental vehicles. So here, I would like to provide you with a quick update on Phase I, which currently has four different vehicles that complement both BCSO and SASP at the moment. We also wanted to provide an image of our Volunteer officer vehicle!





As aforementioned, we are currently seeking out EU players and staff members interested in adding into the player base, and to help develop our current minority of EU and Oceania staff team!



New vMenu, new features. Enjoy the built-in DM’s functionality to start your path to networking, whether you’re selling that dope, or trying to get a car event going at the Yellow Jack, we are sure to see some new activity in San Andreas.

Interested in working in repossession or commercial towing? Our two tow yards in the Sandy Shores area have plenty of opportunity for those eager for a career in the field, and even support local law enforcement towing through commercial contracts. Towing in LS? Don’t worry, you’ll still have a tow yard in town so you can bring back all those impounds without having to travel up to Blaine County!

Don’t forget to stop in at your neighborhood 7/11 or check out the new security measures at Mission Row. Thanks to a grant from the federal government, the townships of Sandy Shores and Grapeseed all funded actual traffic and caution signs, so now you don’t have to worry about who has the right of way, just like the police won’t have to worry about you talking your way out of running a stop sign. :wink:

Get hyped for Next life, because we are still coming out swinging. Curious :face_with_raised_eyebrow:? Interested by what you’ve read :thinking:? Looking for a blend of serious roleplay but without the grind of working your soul away doing menial tasks or travelling point to point for peanuts :joy:? Look no further than us, where you’ll not only find a server, but a home. Maybe you have other servers you play on regularly, or maybe you work as staff for another? That is no problem at Next Life, we support multi-clanning to it’s full extent, don’t even be concerned about it! It provides the community with the opportunity for players to test out servers, it spreads content ideas and creations from one server into the next, and creates healthy relationships with all other communities. Again, don’t be afraid to try us out, you can find our Discord here:



Looking for EU players and staff, please contact Brandon B.#6623 when joining, as EU



New branding, new updates
Welcome to the newly minted “Next Life RP”, as our successor to Project Ajax, we believe the new branding will help generate more positive interaction, and express a better “roleplay” insinuation than simply what Project Ajax was providing. Project Ajax was our spring board for developing and formulating our approach to the community, and we have begun to refocus our efforts more towards attracting individuals who want to join communities that are more coherent to roleplay in it’s title essentially.

Well, what does that mean in changes…?
Nothing other than a full brand change, which simply includes new community media and name change. Everything else will remain consistent and continue moving forward with even more development.

Any other updates?
We developed both a power point presentation and an open book test for our new LEO applicants so we are only providing the most knowledgeable law enforcement that we can to serve the public. We devised it so you are required to examine materials provided to you by the server so you are made aware of it, and the power point provides everything from setting up your characters appearance, to key case law that our law enforcement should know, and have a grasp of for patrol.

Well… That makes it more difficult to become a cop though…?
Not at all, honestly, we make easier than ever as the open book test is not timed, and all answers can be found through our various documentation on the server. We have had applicants spend anywhere from 5 minutes all the way up to 25 minutes and have yet to have an applicant receive a score under 90%. So long as you are diligent, and interested in working to the best of your ability, this test should not phase you. The power point presentation also simply educates you and establishes tips, and methods for proactive policing, as well as a step by step guide on what you need when beginning your patrol.

Only at Next Life RP, join us today, and experience what life has in store for you next.



New project in the works?
Yes, Next Life is currently working on a new passion project for the community code-named “Project Omega” as we have begun evaluating the type of roleplay that we want to see on the server, and the type of story lines we want individuals to create with the content that is provided. We want to create story lines that go beyond a singular day or hour, but ones that continuously develop over the span of weeks and continue to become more and more complex. As we continue to develop this, we will be releasing more and more about the project, and releasing information relative to it’s beta-testing in the future.

How do I keep in touch with the most up to date information on this project?
Our community members will be the first individuals to receive access to the project, and will begin receiving information sooner, and more detailed than what will be shown through our outside sources. Therefore, if you are interested in the project, the best way to keep up to date and make suggestions on the project when more information is released would be to have a presence in the community.

What’s the status of the current server?
The current vMenu based server is still up, and functioning. The project is currently being worked on an entirely separate server to avoid disruptions or delays in the main server access. If you have an interest in playing on the vMenu based server, you won’t have any issues playing on it.

Only at Next Life RP, join us today, and experience what life has in store for you next.