Next Level Gaming - New RP Server (Devs Needed)

Hi All,

So where do we start, Next Level Gaming was born around three years ago when a bunch of lads and lasses decided that they would like to create a community for gamers to show off there computer skills and meet new friends.

It took of and very soon we started getting player with exceptional talents and decided to make the org semi-professional whilst keeping the fun side of things too. We now have teams in PUBG, Fortnite, Rainbow Six and COD.

That being said we have started getting a community of GTA V players who have been using servers in which they enjoy but find can be frustrating with poor admin and trolls. So, we would like to get a server together where it’s enjoyable and modded to the correct standards and not used for power trips.

We have bought a server (which can be upgraded as the server/community) grows, however, we dont have any experience within our ranks of coding or development so we are reaching out for a dev team to take the server to that Next Level. Sorry had to be done!

So if you’re a upcoming dev wanting experience or a dev where there is no pressure on timing of the server going live and would like to come to a great community and work with us to create a server full of enjoyment and passion then please drop us a message and we can talk about our visions and more importantly yours as a dev.

This project has no time scale as to when the server has to be launched, we’re keen to get it right and create a server that can be used by our friends in the streaming community to show of your great work.

Discord -



Dev’s will be giving full access to the server, no restrictions at all, this will be your baby. We’re just here to advise what we would like and see if it’s possible. Team work makes the dream work!

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I have added everything in but would still like the support of dev’s to help with the running and adding of future projects etc.

DM me if you’re interested and I can show you what I’ve achieved so far.



I can be of help add me on discord Raging MoDz#2326

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the invite is expired

This a EU based server, I am looking for experienced devs as I cant take the server any further forward, it is ESX based but can be upgraded no problem. Please dont come to me with an arrogant “it’s esx” attitude. thanks