Next Generation Roleplay: Actively Recruiting Cops - EMS - Civs






We are Currently hiring Police, EMS and welcoming Civilians!

Next Generation Roleplay is a new server that has been in development for the last month. We have a dedicated admin team that is focused on building a serious roleplay community that is for the players, we value the opinions and suggestions from players and use this in order to further develop the server. Our development team implements updates daily both large and small to ensure the Next Generation experience continues to build strongly.

Our Mission:
At Next Generation Roleplay our mission is to build a realistic, organized and serious roleplay community for anybody to enjoy and build their story, whether they are interested in public safety or just casual roleplay.

The only requirement we have for players is that they understand basic English.

For law enforcement and EMS we require players to join our discord as we use this program for dispatch and as the main way of communication with the community. Applications are open on the forums for both of our departments: California State Police and Los Angeles Fire Department.

What we offer:
We offer a variety of civilian jobs in the job center from mechanics to fishermen down to lumberjacks and miners along with player owned houses and business’s, drugs, Custom vehicles for emergency services and Civilians (with more being added all the time).

Search for our server on the server list: Next Generation Roleplay

On behalf of all of the Next Generation Senior Management
We hope to see you in the county

Ayrton Hadfield
Next Generation Roleplay

Looking for a server with specific features + rp
Looking For a good RP server
Looking for a community allowing people to make businesses! (original)
Starting a server
Player looking for a server to join!
Im loking for a new community
Looking To Join A New Server 18+ As Car Dealership Owner
Looking for a serious roleplaying server
Any role-play servers looking for a LEO?
Looking for a good serious RP server
New to roleplay
Experienced COP/STAFF MEMBER looking for a position!

We have an active lottery intended to help new players. It runs until 6th November. Contact the Senior management team to enter.


CHP having a DUI/Commercial vehicle enforcement checkpoint


The Chief of Police and Sheriff having some downtime.


Another day another stolen vehicle recovered!




Out with the Big Rig Wreckers


PD taking a statement down in a known drug area


Quick before the cops come



it one of the good sever i played on they rtry and help the new ppl


Been Playing on the server for about a week now. Friendly staff and some good players to RP with. Definitely worth checking out! :+1:



Ayrton Hadfield
Next Generation Roleplay




Yeah been playing the server for like over 2 months now. The server is new so that is good, They have some good staff invade if you need help they will always try and help the best they can.


Friendly Drinking at the Yellow Jack


Been playing this server for a while now, great server, plenty of jobs and activities to keep yourself occupied and earn money, excellent RP across the whole map!

Then admins are always active and continuously developing newer and better things for the players to enjoy.

I highly recommend this server, it’s definitely one of the better ones out there! - Below is an incident we had the other day when the owner of a Car Dealership wanted to run my friend over :smiley:


We are still looking for Civilians!!! Come join us!!!