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Are you tired of going on to the same old servers as other have. Next Evolution RP is taking Roleplay to a whole new level. Guaranteed

Here at Next Evolution Roleplay we are about the roleplayers and the community.
Our community consist of scripts designed for the Best Roleplay and the best roleplay experience.

  1. Professionals
  2. Strict and Serious Police
  3. Roleplay that will make you sit on the edge of your seat wondering whats gonna happen next.
  4. Any RP is welcome (Long as it brings RP)

Things you will see in the menu based and Economy Server that makes us different from other communities

  1. Police No LSPD, BCSO, SAHP ( Our police our Evolution Police)
  2. 300 + Custom Cars
  3. Custom EUP outfits for Civilians and Police
  4. Custom Housing, Bars, Government Buildings, Custom Map
  5. Custom Scripts designed for RP
  6. Weather Sync and Climate Control
  7. Mafia, Gangs

Jobs that are whitelisted and Non Whitelisted Jobs

  1. Police - Whitelisted (Economy only)
  2. EMS - Whitelisted (Economy only)
  3. Mafia - Whitelisted
  4. Drug Dealer
  5. Gun Running
  6. Aircargo
  7. Go Postal
  8. In & Out Job
    To many to name theres about 15 jobs

Our menu based server is a full custom server that has over 300 custom vehicles and Non Whitelisted Police. We strive in giving back to the people and our menu based server does exactually that. Coming to our menu based server you can be guaranteed
Quality, Seriousness, Activites and Fun and excitement…

If you would like to become a LEO on our Economy get your start on the Menu based and show us what you got… Training and skill drills coming soon…

Like our community be sure to come check us out as we do Daily Patrols on our menu based city and soon our economy City. We love to see you in our beautiful custom city Join our Discord and keep up with all the news and updates for both cities. Hope to see you there

Any Questions or any suggestions on New things for the community contact our Owner TheVapingGamer#9106. He can assist you on any concerns you may have

join our discord @

Always remember Keep Gaming

Serve & Protect - Trainer Based | CAD | Custom Cars | Sheriff's Office / EMS / Comms / Civilian Ops |
Looking for a serious roleplaying server