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Where did you het thats mods can you tell me the links please maybe i can fix all bugs on mods


What are you even trying to say…?


I just want to know where did you find that mods i want to we have server and we need a good police menu like when you go to car or person name of personor owner name of csrs and we needems menu like we need lots of menu our server new so we want to make our server awsome if you know mods like that we need in server can you tell me please


Look in the #development:releases category. Anything they have that’s not listed there is either custom made or modified.


I hace one more question do you know any 911 call shows location like when somone call 911 can we see his/her loction do you knoe any menu like that?


Why are you hijacking our thread asking questions about your own server and scripts we use.

Please start your own topic to get your answers your are looking for. Stop posting in ours.


Discord link? 20 char