Newby asking for suggestions and tips setting up RP server



hi guys,

I managed to get my first server up today, with the help of some youtube tutorials and the guide in here.
kind of stuck on the endless possibilities on how to fill the server in!

Basically we’re a group of friends, wanting to try out role play on a private server, just to see if it’s for us.
I followed the guide mainly and ended up with a working server, but there’s nothing on it (obviously).
I’ve figured out how to add some things, but… tbh, I have no clue how to set up a RP server, what kind of things are needed, and the number of resources is huge… I dont see the forest through the trees so to say :slight_smile:
also, as soon as sql got mentioned in some resources, I got kinda nervous, never touched that before…
willing to learn tho.

what kind of features do we need? I dont even have character creation options in atm… complete fresh start…
figured some kind of job system maybe… but already got lost in all the different search results I got on that query :slight_smile:

any imput is greatly apreciated,
cheers, Pear78